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When Is The Best Time To Take Berberine for Weight Loss?

Berberine is one of the most potent natural substances you can find in nature. The substance has incredible health benefits that can affect your body on a cellular level. This bioactive compound can be found in several plants, such as European barberry, Phellodendron, Oregon grape, and goldenseal. Even though Berberine has many health benefits, this article will focus on how it helps with weight loss and when is the best time to take Berberine for weight loss.

According to healthcare experts, you must take Berberine daily before meals. You can take Berberine before having your meals. Berberine contains a particular enzyme called AMP-activated protein kinase, which stimulates the activity of glucose transporters. It signals the cells to generate energy by breaking down and absorbing more carbs or sugar from food sources. When you take Berberine before meals, the enzyme will convert them into energy instead of storing them as fat.

The use of Berberine dates back centuries. Ancient Indian and Chinese physicians added Berberine as a key component in their herbal blends. Modern doctors and scientists have also recognized the beneficial uses of this super herb, and there are many clinical studies to back it up. So, read this article thoroughly if you want to know every little detail on Berberine.

Does Berberine Help With Weight Loss?

Does Berberine Help With Weight Loss?

Berberine supports weight loss through the activation of AMPK. Berberine stops gluconeogenesis in the liver. It regulates the bacteria inside the gut that helps with weight loss. Berberine has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels by converting body fat into energy. Berberine modulates insulin with the help of the AMPK enzyme. This allows the body cells to grab and burn blood sugars for energy.

Scientists have tested Berberine’s weight loss capabilities on several occasions. A 12-week study was conducted on overweight individuals. In that trial, these individuals were given 500mg of Berberine thrice a day, resulting in an average of 5 lbs of weight loss. Each individual lost 3.6% of their body mass.[1]

Another study of 37 men and women with metabolic syndrome indicated that Berberine could significantly reduce body fat. In that trial, the participants were administered 300mg of Berberine three times a day, lasting for 3 months. The results after three months showed their BMI levels dropped from 31.5 to 27.4.[2]

Side Effects of Berberine

Even the most beneficial supplements or medications can cause side effects to a certain degree. That goes for Berberine as well. Berberine can help you lose weight and control blood pressure and sugar levels. But overdosing might lead to side effects, but it’s not that common. Very few studies suggest that Berberine causes side effects.

If you want to avoid the unpleasant effects of Berberine, you must follow the recommended dosage, which is a total of 1500 mg per day, divided into three dosages for three meal times. But suppose you cross 2000 mg per day. In that case, you will have to deal with negative effects such as gastrointestinal discomfort, diarrhea, cramping, constipation, acid reflux, headaches, vomiting, skin irritation, and a slow heart rate.

That is why you must stick to the advised dosage and never take more than 1.500mg daily in any circumstance. To be safe, you should also consider consulting with your doctor before administering Berberine supplementation.

When Is The Best Time To Take Berberine for Weight Loss?

As you already know, Berberine offers a lot of health benefits. But to get those benefits, you must take the supplement accordingly. Otherwise, you won’t get your desired results from this substance.

First and foremost, you need 1,500mg of Berberine daily to achieve your weight loss goals. According to multiple clinical studies, the best time to take Berberine is half an hour before eating your food. Berberine has shown to work much better when taken before meals. This allows Berberine to cut down the carbs entering your body more effectively. Take one pill before breakfast, one before lunch, and the last one before having dinner.

How Long Does It Take For Berberine For Weight Loss?

Berberine is not a miracle substance. It won’t deliver instant results. Based on trials, it took Berberine 3 months of regulated supplementation to bring positive weight loss changes. In one study, obese patients were given 500mg of Berberine for 12 weeks. They lost over 5lbs, and their triglyceride and cholesterol levels went down by 23 and 12.2%, respectively.

Another 3-month study with 37 obese men and women saw Berberine reducing their BMI By 7%. Now, you can anticipate when you’ll begin to lose weight after starting Berberine supplementation. But now the question arises, how long should you take Berberine for weight loss? If you analyze the clinical trials, you will see that these studies don’t last longer than 3 months.

So it’s probably safe to stop after 3 months. But, if you don’t get the expected results after 3 months, you should continue taking Berberine for another 3 months. It is advised to talk to a healthcare professional before doing so. Make sure to give a 2-month cycle break before starting another Berberine supplementation cycle.

Wrapping Things Up

Berberine is called the protector of metabolism, which indicates how powerful this substance can be when it comes to weight loss. But you should rely on Berberine alone for weight loss. If you live an unhealthy lifestyle, Berberine won’t do you any good. You need to live healthily if you want Berberine to work. This means you have to quit your bad habits like smoking or drinking alcohol, eating fewer calories, and doing exercise frequently.

You will also need to maintain the dosage and timing of Berberine supplementation. When is the best time to take Berberine for weight loss? Well, if you ask me, I’d go with the professionals with this one. Since they are the ones who did rigorous testing and trials on Berberine, it’s safe to follow their recommended dosage. And that is 3 pills per day half an hour before having meals. This helps the AMPK enzyme to break down fat sources immediately after they enter the body.


  • Can I take Berberine before bed?

It’s already established that you need to take Berberine 3 times per day before eating. You can take Berberine before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So taking Berberine before dinner technically means taking Berberine before bed.

  • How much berberine is present in barberries?

Berberry is one of the fruits containing berberine. Berberry extract contains 8% to 12% berberine akoloids. Other herbs containing berberine are: the Chinese herbe Coptis, Oregon grape and goldenseal. Clinically, 2 g daily doses of Berberries have been prevalent. Berberine supplements contain 400 to 500 mg of berberine.

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