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Stomach Pain When Standing

Many of us face stomach pain when standing. This pain can be so severe that the person cannot even stand up straight due to stomach pain. Stomach pain can have different causes and range from minor to severe pain that undoubtedly requires a physician’s attention.

Several conditions can result in stomach pain. Doctors evaluate your pain in terms of the frequency of your pain, the activities that can initiate your pain, and the time of the day.

Some people suffer from stomach pain daily, and then it can be the result of your bad habits. Several conditions can result in stomach pain.

Reason for Stomach Pain

A stitch

In some cases, the abdominal pain you feel while standing, walking, or exercising may be a stitch. A stitch is a pain in the abdomen, usually at its side. Its pain varies from person to person, and it can be stabbing or sharp and, on the other hand, mild cramping. Besides, the person may feel like pulling or aching in the stomach.

While exercising or walking, the pain you feel in your stomach is mostly a simple stitch. When you get a stitch on your side, then the erect position of your walking and standing may be a factor. The cause of stitch can be your poor breathing techniques or the strain on abdominal ligaments attached to your diaphragm.


In some cases, the abdominal hernia is the cause of pain. In the case of hernia, you will experience a gradual and steady increase in pain. Vomiting and nausea are symptoms. If your hernia is not strangulated, it can easily be repaired through laparoscopy and standard incision.

In case when abdominal pressure increases, your hernia becomes more apparent, and your doctor can quickly analyze it. Doctors mostly examine hernia when you are in a standing position. If your hernia is strangulated, then an urgent surgical repair is needed.


Stomach gas pain

Gas is produced naturally through digestion, and some people have it in an enormous amount compared to others. Sometimes it can get stuck and can result in severe stomach pain. This gas is also known as trapped wind. If you are facing this condition, you might have symptoms like:

  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Stomach pain when standing
  • Bloated stomach or abdomen
  • Farting or burping frequently
  • Uncomfortable feeling at night

This problem affects the lives of several people; you can control it by adopting a change in your habits and daily life.

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Stomach ulcer

A stomach ulcer is a painful ache in the stomach lining and is known as gastric ulcers. This disease can affect your stomach and also your intestine. It results when the thick mucus layer around the stomach wall is damage or reduce.

Besides, your stomach’s digestive juices can result in eating away from the tissues that surround your stomach and result in ulcers. In stomach ulcers, the patient usually faces the burning sensation in the chest, stomach pain when standing, and many more.

Crohn’s disease

Crohn’s disease is an (IBD) inflammatory bowel disease. It can result in the inflammation of the digestive tract, which leads to fatigue, diarrhea, weight loss, and stomach pain when standing. Probably this disease can be in different areas of the digestive tract.

Indeed this disease is very painful and unbearable; furthermore, it can result in life-threatening complications. Different therapies can reduce their symptoms and help in its control.

Food intolerance

Stomach pain food intolerance

Food intolerance is a response from the digestive system when the food or one of its ingredients doesn’t suit the body when some ingredients in a food irritate your digestive system or a person can’t breakdown or digests the food.

The most common cause of food intolerance is the intolerance of lactose, and it is found in milk and all other dairy products.


If you have irregular or occasional bowel movements, your abdominal pain is a result of constipation. Constipation can be caused by poor diet, dehydration, medications, and constipation. Probably there is no such need for medical help.

To prevent constipation, you need to adopt a few healthy habits in your routine. You can have a diet full of nutritious fruits and vegetables. Try to adopt a healthy habit of drinking water.


Natural remedies for stomach pain

Here are some of the best home remedies that will certainly help you to control your stomach problems.

  • Water

Water plays an essential role in the absorption of nutrients and digestion of our food. In the case of dehydration, it becomes difficult for our bodies to carry out digestion. The person who is suffering from digestive issues should drink plenty of water; hence, it has many benefits in solving stomach related issues.

  • Warm bath

By using a heating bag and or a warm bath, you can avoid your stomach problems. Not only the heat relaxes your tense muscles but eases your indigestion. Taking a warm bath can prove to be helpful to relieve your upset stomach and especially digestion problems.

You can apply the heat bag to your stomach for at least 20 minutes.

  • BRAT diet

Doctors especially recommend the BRAT diet to people with stomach problems. In BRAT, the foods include Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and toast. All of these foods are starchy, and they help to make your stool firmer by binding the food together.

It can be helpful in case of diarrhea and help to ease your digestive problems. These foods don’t contain any substance that can bother your throat, stomach, and intestine. These foods are bland and most noteworthy are their role in soothing the irritation of tissues from acids.

  • Avoid food that is difficult to digest

Some foods are difficult to digest and can affect our stomach and digestive system. The person having stomach issues should avoid the foods that are as follow

  • Salty food
  • Preserved food
  • Creamy or rich food
  • Fatty and fried food
  • Cinnamon

There are several antioxidants in cinnamon that play its role in digestion and especially in reducing the risk of irritation in the digestive tract. The essential antioxidants that cinnamon include are-

  • Linalool
  • Eugenol
  • Camphor
  • Cinnamaldehyde

Furthermore, cinnamon helps bloat, cramp, belching, and gas. They help reduce stomach acidity, heart pain, and improving digestion.


Certain medications can be helpful in the treatment of stomach pain. If you are willing to treat your problems with medicines, then go to the doctor first. Use the medicines that are prescribed by your doctor. There are many medicines available for the treatment of stomach issues, but use them according to your doctor’s prescription.

Changes in lifestyle

There are several lifestyle changes you can adapt and have a healthy and energetic life as a result. Our unhealthy habits and our laziness certainly affect our digestive system and can result in stomach pain when standing.

You can certainly overcome these problems by a healthy and nutritious diet and avoiding unhealthy food like alcohol consumption, fried food, and especially by avoiding smoking. Hygienic conditions also matter for good health and minimize the chances of illness from infections.

End words by the writer:

Many people are facing stomach pain when standing. The intensity of pain varies from person to person as it is severe in some cases and mild in others. You can keep control of it after the diagnosis of the main issue. You can avoid these issues by adopting a few healthy habits and avoiding unhygienic food and conditions.


  • How can I know whether my stomach pain is severe or not?

If you are having a high fever and repeated vomiting, then it can be severe issues. In severe cases, a person not only faces unusual but severe symptoms and may have to face difficulty in breathing or pain in a specific area. If you are having these problems, contact your doctor for further complete guidance.

  • Why can’t I stand straight due to my stomach straight?

Many causes can result in severe pain in your stomach. Sometimes these causes are so severe that you even can’t stand straight. The leading causes are gas, hernia, food intolerance, stomach ulcer, constipation, and many more.

  • What can we do if we have a severe stomach pain that we can’t even move?

If you are facing severe abdominal pain, call your doctor immediately. It would be best to seek immediate medical help in case of severe stomach pain due to which you can’t even move. If you face severe pain, fever, nausea, and continuous vomiting without any delay contacts your doctor.

  • Is there any difference between gastritis and pancreatic?

In gastritis, the patients generally have less severe symptoms. However, it is mostly reported that patients with gastritis are having unclear periodic pain and discomfort. While in the case of pancreatic, the patients face severe and persistent pain.

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