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Stomach Pain When Drinking Water

Are you facing stomach pain when drinking water? You have to worry about it; hence it is not suitable for your health. Like other medical conditions, overhydration can also impact your health. Stomach pain after drinking water makes us confuse because we think water plays a role in health purposes only.

Several reasons can be the cause of your stomach pain when drinking water. In this article, you will have a detailed look at different medical conditions, contaminants, and possible situations that can cause stomach pain while drinking water.

Many of us experience stomach pains when drinking water.

Are you facing stomach pain in a specific part of the day?

Does the temperature of water matters during drinking?

The following are some commonly experienced situations in which your stomach usually hurt after drinking water.

Stomach pain when drinking water in the early morning

In case you’re drinking a large amount of water in the first part of the day, quite possibly you may be doing as such on an unfilled stomach. For this situation, you may encounter some vomiting and stomach pain. This pain may be a result of a low level of energy in your body. What your body is looking for is food. It is accurately why drinking juice or soft drink may feel alright because of their sugar content, yet drinking plain water can result in stomach pain.

Stomach pain after drinking cold water

Stomach pain after drinking cold water

During summer, a glass fill with chilled water may appear to be a good thought. Despite, specialists typically prescribe that you change to warm water. This counsel is particularly evident on the off chance that you are drinking water after an exercise.

Since you produce a significant amount of body heat when you work out, drinking chilled water can upset your stomach and can cause problems. Coldwater will likewise require your body to warm it up before any ingestion can occur. It can make your stomach hurt.

Stomach pain after drinking water too fast

At the point when you want to quench your thirst and go after a water bottle, it might be possible that you are overestimating the amount of water you should drink. In that case, you may over-burden yourself with water. Water is unbelievably fundamental for all our body’s procedures; despite that, excessive water can bring down the sodium level in your body. This condition is called hyponatremia and is classified by stomach pain, weakness, vomiting, and sickness.

Clinical Reasons for stomach pain when drinking water

If the above situations don’t clear the cause of your stomach pain, maybe the issue can be more genuine. Coming up next are some clinical reasons why you are facing stomach pain when drinking water.

Stomach Ulcers

Stomach Ulcers

The cause of stomach ulcer can be your long-term utilization of calming and anti-inflammatory drugs, unpleasant ways of life, etc. At the point when you drink water, it can result in acidity in your stomach. This acidity bothers the ulcer hence results in pain and an unbearable sensation. If it seems to be a steady issue, you have to take medicines at that point to get rid of the ulcer.


Inflammation is a typical issue, and various conditions can be its cause. From a usual stomach bug to more extreme issues like Crohn’s sickness, drinking water can irritate the aggravation. Mainly drinking heated water may make you feel consuming pain. Contingent upon how delicate your stomach related framework is, you may encounter stomach pain even with cold water.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

GERD is famous as heartburn, acid reflux, and indigestion. Because of this condition, the lower end of your throat opens up more than in normal conditions. Because of this, your stomach corrosive ascents higher than expected.

Since this part of your throat isn’t insure against the high sharpness, it can create a consuming uproar. Drinking water during this condition can toughen the pain as well as, besides, the acidity of your stomach, declining the issue.

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

IBS is a genuinely usual condition. It is usually out by irritation in your stomach and digestive organs. Drinking water when you experience the ill effects of IBS can cause a furious stomach alongside some acid reflux. Despite that, be overseen by driving a more beneficial way of life, i.e., reasonable eating routine and exercise.

Quality of water and Stomach pain

Quality of water and Stomach pain

Drinking clean and safe water is vital to stay healthy. Be that as it may, the water in our taps, as a rule, originates from district circulation. There can be numerous polluting influences missed during the underlying water treatment, or the water can get undesirable contaminants due to unmaintained and old water pipes.

The accompanying can be some water quality-related issues that are causing your stomach hurt:

Lead Poisoning

The most widely recognized reason for lead harming is the utilization of old water pipes. Galvanized steel pipes were utilized in the decades-spreading over the 1930s to 1960s. But, nowadays, we have done a change to copper pipes. Galvanized pipes were inclined to consumption and could be responsible for including lead into your drinking water.

Some old structures, despite everything, haven’t displaced these channels. Lead harm can cause sickness, seizure, and shortcoming. You should check your water quality and channels to check whether it is the cause of your stomach pain.

Arsenic and Other Contaminations

Arsenic in groundwater is a massive issue in numerous nations, for example, Bangladesh. Its harm can be connected with a great heave, watery loose bowels, and stomach pain. Contaminants, such as manganese, copper, mercury, and so on in your drinking water can likewise cause a tense stomach. It is the reason you have to perform regular tests on your drinking water quality.

Microbial Growths

Microbial growth in water

Microbial growth tainting is mainly a concern if the source of water is groundwater. These undesirable microorganisms can saturate your healthy water and cause a broad group of contaminations. It is a smart thought to ensure your water is enough bubbled or sifted before its consumption.

Allergic Reactions

A few districts may treat your water flexibly with filtration by using chemicals before it arrives at your taps. Chlorine and chloramines are the chemicals that are used for the prevention of any microbial growth.

Similarly, it helps reduce cavities; therefore, it is added in some places. In large amounts, it can activate an allergic response for specific individuals and cause stomach pain.

Strategies to relieve stomach pain when drinking water?

Mostly, we face a burning sensation due to water. But the question arises.

What would we be able to do when the water itself is by all accounts an issue?

Here are a few strategies that can prove to be helpful to relieve stomach pain when drinking water:

  • Try to drink warm water as it is simpler to ingest.
  • Consult a specialist if any of the clinical reasons sound accurate.
  • Adopt a more advantageous eating routine as spicy food and overly processed food can disturb your stomach and result in stomach pain when drinking water.
  • Test your water yearly to keep track of any pollution.
  • Check your water channels and ensure that there is no leakage, and they are well managed.

Why Is Drinking Water So Important?

For a beginning, 70% of your body consists of water, so it’s fundamental to maintain its amount to keep the body working appropriately. At the point when the water necessity of our body doesn’t fulfill, then it can have a variety of negative long terms and short terms wellbeing outcomes.

Long-term hydration can prompt rheumatoid arthritis, dyspepsia, headaches, angina, colitis, hypertension, hemorrhoids, weight, pneumonic tuberculosis, bosom disease, kidney stones, and sinusitis, and uterine cancer.

Help your body to more readily maintain a calculated distance from these conditions by drinking water successive to start and keeping your body hydrated for the day.

Water treatment

It is a demonstrated technique for treating menstrual issues, body issues, and eye-related sicknesses. Additionally, you will feel prepared the entire day following this water treatment.

  • Drink approximately 160 ml of water multiple times following before brushing, awakening, and on a vacant stomach.
  • Try not to eat anything for the next 45 minutes.
  • Drink water at any rate 30 minutes before eating, however not during the two hours following breakfast, lunch, and supper.
  • If you can’t drink four glasses of water on an unfilled stomach, no problem, you can start with one glass or as much as your body support. You can step by step increase the intake of water until you arrive at the ideal amount of 640 ml.

Stomach hurts when drinking water?

Stomach hurts when drinking water

Do you experience stomach pain when drinking water?

If you drink the water after your dinner, there’s still food in your stomach. The water fills your stomach much more, including pressure and setting off more stomach acidic acid as a significant aspect of the absorption procedure.

It can add to acid reflux. The stomach starts to make acid to digestion when its volume builds, regardless of whether that volume is from food or fluid.

Water doesn’t have any nutritional component to separate digestion; gastric draining is a lot quicker than a supper of solid food. While this implies any distress brought about by drinking water should be brief, it’s critical to note that gastric purging fluctuates from individual to individual and from dinner to feast.

A July 2014 investigation distributed in the Journal of Motility and Neurogastroenterology found that sex, menstrual status, and smoking status influence strong gastric exhausting. Men who smoke exhausted quicker than non-smokers and all in all men discharged quicker than ladies.

In the lacteal period of the monthly cycle, ladies purged more slowly than those in menopausal stages and follicular. Weight, age, record, and liquor utilization didn’t impact the gastric emptying rate.

Every day Recommended Water Intake

Every day Recommended Water Intake

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that while there are no suggestions for how much plain water individuals should drink each day, there are proposals for every day absolute water intake.

The day by day liquid admission alludes to water expended from food, drinking water, and different fluids. Its amount of variation depends upon several factors, for example, age, sex, pregnancy, and breastfeeding status.

As indicated by the suggestions from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, the sufficient day by day liquid intake for healthy living in a calm atmosphere is 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) every day for ladies and 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) for men, with around 20 percent of the day by day liquid admission originating from food.

Drinking a lot without a moment’s delay can likewise cause stomach pain in the wake of drinking water. In case you’re behind on the day’s admission, it might be enticing to drink a great deal at a time. In any case, you should know that there are dangers related to drinking so much water at the same time.

The threat of High Water Intake

Drinking a lot of water can result in water toxication, and also known as hyponatremia. As per Merck Manual, hyponatremia happens when the body has too little sodium in the blood. The abundance liquid must go into the cells, which makes them swell. The expanding can create turmoil and weariness in mild cases. In more severe circumstances, it might prompt trance, seizures, coma, and even death.

To maintain a strategic distance from water intoxication, take a small quantity of water for the day and when you feel thirst. The human body can just process a specific measure of water each hour. Drinking beyond what the body can deal with may cause various issues, particularly in those with kidney issues, as indicated by the National Kidney Foundation (NKF).

End words by the writer

There are many delicate and balanced systems in our bodies, and each of them plays their role in the proper functioning of the body. An effect on any of the components could make us feel pain. Likewise, there is an assortment of reasons that your stomach pain can increase by drinking water.

It could be clinical, water pollution, or only acid reflux because of normal ordinary circumstances. Fortunately, it can be handle clearly, so you don’t need to stress.

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The FAQ’s of Stomach Pain When Drinking Water

Can water help you to cure your stomach pain?

Water helps keep things moving in your gut, so you remain normal. Focus on your body when you’re thirsty go and have a glass of water, avoid drinking soda. Carbonation can cause stomach pain because the fizz can prompt gas.

For what reason does my stomach hurt when I drink water on an empty stomach?

On the off chance that you have taken a drink on an empty stomach, you may encounter sickness because of the way that your body is low on energy and hungry for food! It may clarify why juice or soft drink feels alright to drink because those fluids contain sugar that your body can use for vitality.

When would I have to be worried about my stomach pain?

If the stomach pain is severe and firm, your stomach is delicate to the touch, or if the pain stretches out to your back, you must quickly visit the nearest clinic. You should seek medical care if severe stomach pain is joined by any of the accompanying side effects like fever and many more.

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