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How to Lose Fat in Your Face?

We all love baby cheeks. Those fluffy and blushing bumbles of joy- you can not resist touching! Sadly, baby cheeks only suit cute little babies. For an adult person, it is a nightmare. You may want to reduce face fat!

Do you have extra fats under your face? Are you struggling to get rid of them? Then this is the article for you. We will teach –how to lose fat in the face. Just read through it.

Baby fat: How Can You Get Them?

For some people, blushing cheeks, represent a healthy body. We all love to have a rosy and subtle appearance of it. But it is not the same thing always. If your face gets out of shape and size, there may be an underlying disease or disorder. You may get baby fats, from many causes.

The many reasons for getting those baby cheeks are that your circulation has a problem. Many internal and external factors that can lead to these. We have listed the major causes of how you can get baby fat?

  • Hereditary factors: Some may never get rid of baby fats even though their age is way past puberty. Yes, maybe those baby fats run in your family. Look at your granny or aunt. They may also have baby fats in the face.
  • Authenticity: If you belong in the Caucasian race, you may have a higher chance of getting baby fats. People from certain countries may face this problem slightly more than others.
  • Obesity: If your genetic or heredity has nothing to do with it, we have bad news. Baby fats in your face, maybe have a link to your obesity and body weight. Fats have a tendency to store in some special places such as the abdomen, lower belly, buttocks, face, etc. 
  • Hormonal influence: Females have more risk of getting facial fats in cheeks and chins. Estrogen, the primary hormone of the female body is the one to blame. Unlike testosterone, it will influence your fat metabolism. You may get baby fats in the face.
  • Environment: People who live in a cold country, most likely to have baby cheeks. Low temperature causes a slower velocity of blood due to the constriction of blood vessels. This induces muscular growth in your face and neck. 
  • Pathological condition: Many diseases cause a disruption in your fat metabolism. Which, in turn, creates increased fat storage in your body. As we said earlier, fat loves to settle down in some specific locations. So, you may face a problem to get rid of fats from your face. Some diseases are diabetes mellitus, Cushing’s syndrome, hypothyroidism, liver failure, heart disease, etc.

What Foods Can Cause Baby Fats?

They say – You are what you eat. You can’t argue with that! Your food habits can reflect your health. Certain types of food give rise to fats and cholesterol in your body. So, you can have baby fats in the face.

The list of foods may not be absolute. It may not represent the same value for everyone. Keep that in your minds. Here are the foods that may give baby fats in your cheeks:

  • Fast foods: When it comes down to hazardous foods, it comes first in the list. Whether you are younger or older, fast foods will harm your health. More fats you have means more goes to your cheeks.
  • Salt and salted foods: Salt is an essential item for every cuisine. But it is safe within a certain amount. Salt in your body tends to reabsorb more water than usual. That’s mean your body will become bloated and fluffy; the same goes for fats in your face.
  • Soft beverages: Pepsi or Coke – whatever you choose, these bad boys are a pure source of sugar. These are nothing but carbs in carbonated water. Better watch your drinking limits. Even if you choose bottled juices, you actually drinking flavored sugars!
  • Rice and other grains: Rice is a staple food for many consumers. It gives rise to blood glucose levels. Our body converts the extra carbs into fats and can store them as your baby fats. Limit the intake. These are bread, pasta, cake, custard, etc.
  • Dairy product: Milk is good for your health. But if you eat or drink dairy products more than usual, it is not healthy. Cheese, curd, yogurt, ghee, or any other type of dairy you take, doesn’t matter. All contain a large amount of saturated and animal fats. Better watch out.

How Can You Get Rid of Your Baby Fat?

Now, let’s come down to real deal, the cheery of the top. How can you get rid of fats in your face? Can you really remove them? Yes, and yes. You, too, can have a face of excellent shape.

Before we dive into the facts, just a reminder. These are the methods we have found on the internet. Some of them are from other people and their reviews. Whether these will work for your condition or not, we can not give a guarantee. Here the topmost ways to remove fat from the face:

  • Weight reduction: Obesity is the root of all your health problems, even for your baby cheeks! Lose some pounds and see the magic. Fat stored in your face can be a little stubborn. But eventually, they will go away.
  • Lifestyle change: Change in life means a difference in your body. The outcome can be overwhelming. We are not forcing you to change everything all of a sudden. Start by changing the smaller portion of your life. Like, add some fresh fruit juice to your daily routine. Or maybe walk the stairs instead of using an elevator.
  • Healthy foods: Change your food habits. Cut down sugar and fat intake. Add colors and textures in your meals. Go funky! Avoid fast foods. Maybe you may have one cheat day to satisfy the cravings.
  • Drinks check: Water is your true savior. Drink at least right tall glasses of pure water. Don’t choose soft drinks or other beverages as an alternative. You know, even diet cokes have sugar in them. Make fresh juices but do not add sugar to it.
  • Drugs: There are some drugs that can lower your body fat. Please consult a professional before going for it. They may or may not work for everyone. Dosage can vary from person to person.
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What Exercises Can Help You?

Many exercises are available to shrink down your fats in your face. You may think we are joking. How to lose face fat exercise, and it is true indeed, possible. We have gathered the following activities for face fat reduction:

  • Munching: More you move your jaws, more you can lose face fats. Whether you are eating lunch or dinner, eat slowly and steadily. Don not rush. Munch your foods more and more. It can even be helpful for you to lose some extra pounds.
  • Chewing gums: It is helpful for everyone. Chew gums wherever and whenever you can. It helps in the fast jaw movements. Your muscles will become stronger than before. Choose a gum without any sweetener in it. Try using herbal flavored gums.
  • Smiling and clenching: They say, a smile is the best curve of your body. Let your smile bloom. Smile more, laugh more. Burst out in a grin. Show those teeth. It will help you lose your face fats faster.
  • Blowing whistle: It may sound funny, but very helpful for you. Blowing your cheeks improves your facial muscles and increases blood flow into the face. More blood means more fats are washed out. So, you have a perfect face.
  • Pushing and pulling: Push your cheeks inward and outward frequently. This habit can make cheeks taught and free of baby fats, in no time. Press your cheeks in for half a minute and vice verse.

Any Product to Remove Baby Fat?

There are hundreds of products on the market for face fat reduction. Some may work, some may not. We have listed some in the following:

Vimulti Instant Face Lift: This cream works like magic in reducing fats in your face. It delays age progression and gives you glowing skin. It is rich in a variety of natural ingredients to rejuvenate your tissues.

V Line Face Mask: It works great both for face and neck fats. It tightens your cheeks. It reduces your double chins. Shape those cheeks however you like. It uses a latex-free rubber, so no fear of allergic reactions.

Mrs. W Face Massager: This machine can be your best solution for reducing fats in your face. It works with a battery. You can charge it, too. It trims down extra fats in cheeks and neck.

Disclaimer: These products do not endorse us to promote them. We do not hold any accountability for any harm. Before using any of the above-mentioned products, please contact your doctor or pharmacist. These may not be harmful. It is better to be safe than sorry.

In conclusion:

As we always have said – You are beautiful no matter how you look. Baby cheeks or skinny cheeks will not affect your beauty. If you want to reduce your face fats, it also fine by us. We tried to organize this article, to help you reduce face fats. We hope it helped. Thanks for reading!

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