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Feeling Nauseous While on keto

Today’s modern world is always giving us a new source of joy. Our life has become more comfortable and convenient than ever before. Unfortunately, the new era has fueled a new pandemic, the mightiest obesity pandemic. To combat it, we are trying our best.

In search of new hope, the keto diet is becoming popular day by day. Despite being an exclusive idea, this method causes some minor issues. Some people complain about feeling nauseous while on keto. Today we will cover this topic thoroughly for you.

Is your keto diet working?

The keto diet is a new concept based on a well-known physiological process. Something is as old wine in a new bottle. This diet totally relies on ketosis. Ketosis is a process of producing keto acids in the absence of glucose during prolonged starvation.

Many forms of the keto diet are available. Examples are vegan diet, Atkin diet, gluten-free diet, Himalayan diet, etc. Do you feel nauseous on keto? Are you feeling sick on keto? You may consider some adjustments to your diet. We mistakenly avoid sugar altogether. It can cause a failure in your diet plan.

Feeling nauseous after starting keto?

Are you feeling nausea on keto week? Are you nauseous after eating sugar on keto? If answers are yes, you may be facing the keto flu. This situation is more common in those diets that do not allow any sugars. The keto diet does not necessarily mean a zero carbs diet.

This misconception is very gruesome. As you can see, your nervous system only can utilize glucose for energy. Up to a certain limit, your body can compensate for a decreased amount of sugars in your blood. If it crosses the maximum threshold, the whole metabolism comes to a standstill.

Another thing that can make you nauseous on keto. Irregular timing of meals and smaller portions of food can be the vital factors. Even, increasing the gap between two meals can lead to keto nausea after eating.

What is keto flu?

Keto flu is still a misnomer. Ketosis is your body that does not cause the flu itself. Some health websites promote the term as a medical jargon. Feeling nauseous while on the keto diet can be the only symptom. Some may feel some abdominal discomfort and intolerance to foods as a result.

What is keto flu

During keto flu sore throat also occurs. Some scientists believe that it is a result of the reduction of immunity. Some see it as an imbalance of protein metabolism. Your liver may fail to produce enough immunoglobulin as a lack of essential amino acids.

Some may have keto flu runny noses. It is a cumulative effect of reduced immunity and blood glucose level. Whatever symptoms you may face are very mild. Some may not even feel sick.

Why do you have keto flu?

So, what caused this problem in the first place? Well, your body may be overwhelmed with a sudden change in the food habit. To habituate your body with the keto, you need to start it gradually rather than abruptly. Otherwise, you will be nauseous on keto.

Ketosis may be a significant factor in this case. As you are eating less sugar than usual, your body feels a sudden shortage of energy. To overcome the lack, it tries to search for alternative fuels. First of all, it breaks down glycogen into glucose. When the storage finished, it uses your fatty tissues. The liver converts free fatty acids into ketones.

These chemicals are volatile and act as a stimulus for the brains. The brain activates your chemotactic center and causes vomiting. Some scientists blame it on the failure of autoregulation.

When does keto flu start?

Keto flu commonly occurs during the first week of your keto diet. Many people feel nausea on keto week. Some may face keto flu during their cheat days, mostly on weekends.  Some may have to deal with other symptoms as well. Such as runny nose, sore throat, body ache, etc.

Ever felt, your whole body aches on keto? It may also be a result of the keto flu. Rapid ketosis can produce a large number of organic acids. These chemicals are irritant to your body’s tissues. It may cause discomfort in your skin, muscles, ligaments, etc.

How long does the keto flu last?

Our body works differently from one another. This diversity makes it hard to predict the duration of keto flu. On average, it may last up to one to two weeks. For some people, it may last for a month. It is an interesting concept that shows the individuality of functions.

To reduce the duration of the keto flu, you may change your eating habits. Try to eat lesser food at a higher frequency. You may also like to decrease the interval between meals. Are you still feeling nauseous during the keto? Consider visiting a dietician.

What to do to prevent keto flu?

You may hear of many methods for feeling nauseous while on keto. Some may work, some may not. So, what can you do? There is no perfect solution for everyone. The diet is an individualized thing. Still, we have gathered the common things people find useful for it.

These are some tricks you may want to follow:

  1. Change your meal: Change your regular meal. Adjust your time and portion according to your diet. 
  2. Start gradually: Never start a diet in a rush. Let your body adjust to your diet. Reduce your food intake at a slower pace. 
  3. Include cheat days: Reward your body with a day free of dieting. Eat whatever you like. Just be careful, don’t overwhelm your body. Feeling nauseous after eating keto, is quite a common thing.
  4. Eat adequate carbs: No diet encourages you to eat zero sugar. Moreover, a minimal amount of glucose is vital for your brain. If you suddenly eat no sugar, you may feel sick.
  5. Keep yourself hydrated: Water is an integral part of your digestive system. Without water, no metabolism is possible. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. It may alleviate the keto flu symptoms.
  6. Use a supplement: Supplement shakes can come very handy for your keto diet. These products have a pre-fixed combination of all the nutrients your body needs.

What foods can help?

Choosing the right foods for your diet is a crucial part. During keto what to eat when nauseous? That’s not a hard thing. You can eat your regular meals as usual. Just change the amount and proportion. For example, you can use animal proteins such as beef, chickens, fishes, etc. You have to increase the amount, that’s it. 

If you are more of a vegan or vegetarian, choose plant proteins like vegetables, grains, parsley, etc. Mix two or more foods to make it equivalent to animal-based proteins. You even can eat, or we say you must consume sugar. Just avoid refined carbs like fast food, cold drinks, alcohol, etc.

You even can follow many tutorials for keto-friendly foods online. Guess what, many companies also provide keto lunch boxes. These are affordable and convenient for urban people. Just grab one and eat.

In conclusion

Diet takes a lot of dedication. Sometimes we cause ourselves harm in this transforming journey. If the diet warrants your health, you must reconstruct it. Feeling nauseous while on keto must not stop you from achieving your goal. So, why give up?

We hope this article on this topic will help you. Always focus on your health. As the old saying goes, health is better than wealth. Thanks for reading.

The FAQs of Feeling Nauseous While on the keto

1. Why do I feel nauseous on a keto diet?

Answer: It may be due to your keto flu. On keto, your body tries to overcome energy deficiency by ketosis. If this process goes out of control, you may face some health issues such as vomiting, nausea, body ache, bloating, etc.

2. How do I stop nausea on the keto diet?

Answer: For this, you can change your meal timing and proportion. It is best to go for smaller portions of meals. Try to eat lesser foods frequently during the day. Avoid heavy meals that are full of saturated fats and carbs.  Drink plenty of water.

3. Does ketosis make you feel sick?

Answer: Yes, ketosis can make you feel sick. It is probably due to increased organic acids in your blood called ketones. These activate your chemotactic center of the brain and induce vomiting.

4. Can a keto diet cause vomit?

Answer: Yes. Sometimes, a keto diet causes vomiting. It is mostly due to the rapid ketosis in your body. Inadequate sugar intake and prolonged starvation aggravate it.

5. Why did I vomit on a keto diet?

Answer: You vomited because of the excessive amount of keto acids in your body. These are the result of ketosis, the cornerstone of the keto diet. But, when it happens out of control, it may cause minor problems.

6. Can the keto diet make you sick?

Answer: Not necessarily always. But the keto can cause some issues like bloating, nausea, and vomiting. It is due to rapid ketosis in your body.

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