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South Beach Diet Reviews – Does it Really Work for Weight Loss?

Over the last few years, there have been plenty of different diets that promise weight loss for other people. All these diets promise you weight loss and give you ideal body size. So why choose the south beach diet. This south beach diet review helps you know all the necessary information you need to know before trying.

Each diet plan is unique and works differently for a different person. Thus it is essential to find out the best diet, and besides, you have to stick to it. In the South beach diet review, you will know all the information about whether it works or not? Is it affordable? Whether this diet gives you the desired results or not? This south beach diet review helps you in making your decision.

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What is the South Beach Diet?

If you are looking for an honest South beach diet review, you will be in the right place. Arthur Agatston is not only a well-known heart doctor but the one who created the South Beach diet. When Dr. Arthur Angaston invented this diet, it was a weight loss plan that was only available in the book. This book includes the weight loss plan and the recipes you could follow to live a healthy life.

Within these 15 years, the South beach diet had changed a lot. This diet plan is now available in the form of a book and a frozen food delivery service record. This service sends its customers a month’s weight loss food and helps avoid unhealthy and unhygienic food.

It doesn’t matter if you choose a different South beach diet because the health principle that is the South Beach diet plan’s base remains the same. This diet is generally a low carb diet, but it is undoubtedly a less strict diet than other diets as compared to other diets, you don’t have to count carbohydrates.

South beach diet is undoubtedly a healthy diet that is lower in carbohydrates and high in healthy fats.

south beach diet discount

Goals of South Beach Diet

The South Beach diet’s primary goal is to help people shed extra weight healthily and safely. Many other diet plans offer empty promises and give a few people a weight loss of a few pounds but for a short period.

South beach diet gives you the weight loss and helps their customers maintain a healthy weight for an extended period through some basic and essential keys to your health like daily exercise and healthy eating habits.

It is much better to choose a permanent solution than preferring the one that is a temporary solution to your problems. After its use, you will find it not only the best but the healthier option, among other diets.

South Beach Diet (Official) - Lose Up To 7 Lbs In Your First 7 Days

It’s Easy And It Works! Deliciously Simple Weight Loss. Get In Shape And Feel Your Best With Fully Prepared Meals Delivered To Your Door. It’s Healthy And All The Work Is Done For You!

Is exercise necessary for South Beach Diet?

In the latest version of the South Beach diet, 30 minutes of exercise per day is essential for your good health. When you sign up for their food delivery, you will get free access to their exercise guide that you can access through their app and download.

Exercise options simply include jogging, swimming, walking, biking, and even gardening. Once you start moderate exercises, you will notice a tremendous and visible change and find it necessary for your daily routine.

Who should prefer the South Beach Diet?

South beach diet is undoubtedly ideal for everyone, but some people must try this for a healthy life such as:

  • If you are sick of diets that don’t work for you.
  • Tired of counting calories.
  • If you want to enjoy low carb diets, without counting your calories.
  • If you want to enjoy several different American favorites through an international style menu.
  • They make most of your meals through your choice.
  • If you are a person who prefers a meal-delivery diet.
  • You want to enjoy beef, chicken, fish healthily in your diet.
  • If you want tips that help you to stay healthy.
  • Prefer a diet that is not temporary, and its result doesn’t fade after a short period.

As an expert, I always recommend you to learn all the necessary information about the diet and discuss it with your doctor before starting.

  • Flexible plan

It is a very flexible plan, especially in our busy world, as it delivers your snacks and meal plans at your door step.

  • Approach to Low-Carb diet

Its specialty is a low-carb diet with high protein work according to your needs.

  • Simple but delicious

South beach diet is yet simple but delicious

South beach diet is yet simple but delicious. It not only works but will satisfy your needs.

It doesn’t matter whether you are signing up for their delivery services or merely following the South Beach diet. Dr. Agatston’s book is full of doctor-designed, delicious, and foolproof plan for healthy and fast weight loss. In both ways, you will be following the same weight loss plan.

South beach diet is a way to maintain a balance in your eating routines. It involves using the balanced approach of nutrients in all meals, and these nutrients are:

  • Lean proteins
  • Carbs “Good”
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Healthy fats

This program consists of three main phases:

  • Phase 1, 2, 3

You will probably notice the most prominent weight loss. You will see steady results in phase 2 until you start in phase 3. Phase 3 is the phase in which you will gain long-term management by following their principles. To avoid weight gain, you have to follow the directions of this diet.

This plan’s primary purpose is to teach you how to maintain your eating balance to keep a healthy weight for a lifetime because you learn about the good carbs you need to eat for your good health.

South beach diet experts determine the bad and good carbs based on the glycemic index. The carbs that raise your blood sugar level are avoided in the south beach diet as they can lead to weight gain and overeating. Good carbs not only regulate your hunger but also prevent hunger pangs and overeating.

South beach diet will show you adequate protein and fats to eat for good health. It also includes avoiding saturated fats and instead of eating monounsaturated fats. Lastly, you are encouraged to enjoy healthy vegetables and fruits with every meal.

Phases of the South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet has three phases, and their description is as follows:

  • Phase 1

This two-week phase is specially designed to eliminate the cravings for food that are high in refined starches and sugar to jump-start to weight loss. You have to cut out almost all carbohydrates from your diet like rice, pasta, bread, and other fast foods. In the south beach diet, the first phase, you have to avoid alcohol and fruit juices.

You can focus on eating lean protein like skinless poultry, seafood, soy products, and lean beef. You can also eat low-fat dairy products, high fiber vegetables, unsaturated fats, including nuts, avocados, and seeds.

  • Phase 2

Phase 2 is a slightly long weight loss phase. You begin to eat some of the food you were avoiding in phase 1, like whole-wheat pasta, whole-grain bread, fruits, brown rice, and vegetables. You have to follow this phase until you gain your ideal weight.

  • Phase 3

Phase 3 is a maintenance phase. In this phase, you will follow the principles of phase 1 and 2 to maintain a healthy living. You are allowed to eat all types of food but in moderation.

Frozen food and Sample menu of the South Beach Diet

One of the best parts of the south beach diet is its food menu. They make most of the meals for the month according to your choice. But first, remember that we are talking about dietary food; thus, as long as you have realistic expectations with their food, you will start to enjoy your life healthily.

South Beach Diet Menu

Most people love about the south beach diet because of their mind-blowing selection of international style food. They have meals and foods like Broccoli & Rice, Chicken, Garlic- Ginger Beef & Broccoli, Artichoke & Spinach stuffed, Chicken fajita bowls, Chicken breast.

They also have the most popular favorites, like breakfast sandwiches, pizza, chicken primavera, and many other hot favorite dishes. Here is a sample of delicious and health items they are offering.

South Beach Diet Breakfast

  • Florentine Omelet
  • Vegetable Frittata
  • Egg, Cheese Muffin & Canadian Turkey Bacon
  • Beach Chocolate Shake
  • High Protein Pancakes

South Beach Diet Lunch & Dinner

  • Margherita Pizza
  • Roasted Turkey with Herb Gravy
  • Home-Style Creamy Cauliflower & Chicken
  • Italian-Style Meatballs with Zesty Tomato Sauce
  • Southern-Style Chicken & Beans in Tangy BBQ Sauce
  • 7 Chicken Stir Fry & Spice Shrimp
  • Edamame Chicken
  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich
  • White Bean Chicken Chili
  • Steak & Asparagus

South Beach Diet Snacks

  • Whipped Chocolate Almond Bar
  • Salted Caramel Protein Puffs
  • Fudgy Graham Crumble Bar
  • Nacho Protein Puffs
  • Salt & Vinegar Multigrain Chips
  • Vanilla and Chocolate Shakes
  • Meat Sticks
  • Chocolate Chip Muffin Mix

NOTE: It is a small portion of their sampling; visit their official website to see the full menu.

Is the South Beach diet is very restricted?

Though the south beach diet is a low carb diet, it is undoubtedly not as restricted as others like Atkins or keto diet. You will eat 50 grams of total carbs per day during the first two weeks of your south beach diet. After these two weeks, you can eat one hundred and forty grams of net carbs in a day.

By comparison and depending on the program you are following, the keto diet includes about 20-30 grams of net carbs in a day; on the other hand, the Atkins diet is between 20 to 100 grams.

How much weight can I lose by following the South Beach diet?

Usually, no one is sized fits in all weight loss plans. Thus the result of the south beach diet varies from person to person. But based on their research, Since starting this diet, people are losing between 8 and 13 pounds (3.6 to 5.9 kilograms) in the two-weeks.

Once you have gone through the second phase, you will be ready for your weight’s long-term maintenance. You just have to stick with their healthy lifestyle principles if you want to avoid putting back weight.

South Beach Diet Pros & Cons

In this south beach diet review, you will probably be pretty apparent about our opinion. It is not just because it is easy to follow, but because it is beneficial in weight loss when you follow every step correctly.

Even with all of its positives, there is still some downside, It is an unbiased South beach diet review, and it is important to tell you about everything to make your decision.


  • Food tastes delicious
  • You can lose up to 7 pounds in phase 1
  • After week one, you will lose 2 to 3 pounds every week
  • It is effortless to follow
  • There is a lot of options on the menu so that you can pick according to your choice
  • Best for people having a busy schedule and especially those who hate shopping
  • Several positive testimonials
  • It is generally pretty affordable
  • Proven not only to be saved but healthy
  • Clear beginning, comfortable middle, and a fantastic end
  • Latest keto-friendly items on the menu


  • To see the results, you have to stick to the plan
  • There is currently no diet plans for vegetarians
  • Diet food in south beach diet isn’t for every one

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Is dietary restrictions and preferences are allowed in the South Beach Diet?

Yes, there is flexibility in the south beach diet that adjusts your preferences and dietary restrictions.

Vegans and vegetarians

south beach diet vegetarian friendly

This diet is both vegan and vegetarian friendly. The proteins from lean meat’s alternative include legumes, soy products, and beans. When you enroll in the South Beach diet online, you will get access to vegetarian meal plans and recipes.


Since you are cutting down on carbs in the South Beach diet, you should undoubtedly ditch those foods that contain gluten. To ensure you read the labels of the food. Dr. Agatston has written a South beach gluten solution book, especially for the people who are sensitive to gluten.

South Beach Diet Cost

The South beach diet price varies from $9.56 to $12.86 of a day, as it depends on the plan and option you choose. Concerning the per-day price, it is about $267.68 to $359.99 per month for their full meal delivery service. The price also depends on the enrollment in the South Beach diet program. Here is the description of the prizes in detail. As the South Beach diet has several different plans and meals; thus, its price varies with several other factors.

Select your best deal from the official website.

South Beach Diet (Official) - Lose Up To 7 Lbs In Your First 7 Days

It’s Easy And It Works! Deliciously Simple Weight Loss. Get In Shape And Feel Your Best With Fully Prepared Meals Delivered To Your Door. It’s Healthy And All The Work Is Done For You!

Price of South beach diet meal plan and delivery

  • One-Week Reboot Kit

Unlike many other famous and popular plans, the South Beach diet is not only helpful in losing weight but in improving your health. This reboot kit helps you to have a quick start in your weight loss journey. You can lose 7 pounds in this One-Week reboot kit. It allows you to reclaim your lost energy, confidence, and ideal body weight.

What is 7-Day Body Reboot?

A south beach diet is an approach to weight loss using a low carbohydrate diet, and the main focus of the 7-day body reboot is on phase 1 part of the diet. Generally, in this meal plan, you will be avoiding pasta, white rice, sugary treats, bread, and alcohol.

On the other side, lean protein like chicken, fish, and healthy fats like avocados and nuts. This plan will give a jump start to your weight loss journey and will reduce your cravings.

It is easy to follow the plan of a week with selected shakes, snacks, breakfast, lunches, and dinner at a very affordable price of $99.99.

  • Silver Plan

Silver is the south beach diet, one of the most affordable plans. This plan’s best feature is that it is still a full-service meal plan with delivering services instead of its price. Thus you don’t need to worry about its results.

Here is the price list of the silver plan


  • Per day

$10.88 for Men and $9.56 for Women

  • Per week

$82.53 for Men and $72.52 for Women

  • Per month

$304.61 for Men and $267.68 for Women

What’s Included

  • Free FedEx shipping with auto-delivery
  • Free tracker app
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Gold Plan

There are more convenience and variety in the South Beach diet’s Gold plan than the Gold plan. If you are willing to a bigger menu then it is worth it.


  • Per Day

$11.87 for Men and $10.88 for Women

  • Per Week

$90.02 for Men and $82.53 for Women

  • Per Month

$332.30 for Men and $304.61 for Women

What’s Included

  • Free FedEx Shipping with Auto Delivery
  • Free Tracker App
  • Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners
  • Snacks
  • Platinum Plan

If you are the one who wants to select one of the best plans that south beach diet offers, then the platinum plan is definitely for you. It is not only the biggest but the best program ever.


  • Per Day

$12.886 for Men and $11.87 for Women

  • Per Week

$97.51 for Men and $90.02 for Women

Per Month

  • $359.99 for Men and $332.30 for Women

What’s Included

  • Free FedEx Shipping with Auto Delivery
  • Free Tracker App
  • Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners
  • 20 South Simply Fit Shakes
  • Snacks

Do They Have Specialty Plans?


Now the South Beach diet is offering a keto-friendly option and diabetes meal plan as well.

South Beach Diet Latest Keto-Friendly Option

South Beach Diet Latest Keto-Friendly

The keto-friendly option deals with the South beach diet menu; besides, they don’t have a Keto plan for you to enroll in, but you can add this keto-friendly option into your Silver, Gold, Platinum diet plans. Instead of other food, you can select more keto-friendly food.

To do this, you can select: “I will pick my menu” and can choose the food with low carbs.

  • Diabetes Plan

The diabetes plan in the south beach diet is of the same price as the Gold plan. It is specially designed to help people suffering from type 2 diabetes.

  • Make you more energetic
  • Control blood sugar and lower A1C

It features four weeks of snacks, breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.


  • Per Day

$11.87 for Men and $10.88 for Women

  • Per Week

$90.02 for Men and $82.53 for Women

  • Per Month

$332.30 for Men and $304.61 for Women

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South Beach Diet Cost

South Beach Diet Customer Reviews

I purchased the south beach diet book and lost 25 pounds in 45 days. Yes! By following this booking’s advice and making some healthy changing n my routine, there is an unbelievable change in my weight. Now I am eating other foods as well and have given up on baked potatoes and bread. –Bella 42

Hi! My name is John; I am a high school student. I have followed this diet plan and lost over 80 pounds, but the most important thing is it has been almost four years, and I never gain it back. Now I want to lose a few more pounds; therefore, I will start the South beach diet meal plan again. – John 24

I am very thankful to my doctor, who recommends me this south beach diet. While using this diet for 35 days I can feel a noticeable change in my weight and health. I always recommend this diet to my friends and family members as well. Hope that it works for all of you. – Alena 33

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End words by the writer

For maximum people, the South Beach diet is a healthy and safe way to lose weight. Though the south beach diet is not the best fit for everyone, it is a proven way to lose weight, and its results are supported by a large number of people and testimonials.

You have a choice of simply following their book, doing it on your own, and you can also sign up for their service meal delivery program. All these options work great you just have to decide on an option that suits your needs. The best place to get started is at their websites.

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South Beach Diet FAQs

  • Is South beach diet a healthy option?

Yes, the south beach diet is not only a safe but healthy option. Its satisfied customers, a lot of positive testimonials, and expert reviews are its proof. It helps you to shed your extra weight naturally by controlling your diet.

  • Is it safe for diabetes patients?

Yes, the South Beach diet’s diabetes meal plan is specially designed for diabetic patients to help them. Firstly before changing your diet, discuss it with your doctor.

  • Where to buy south beach diet food?

To ensure that you are getting 100% original diet plan, this diet plan is available on its official website.

  • Is South Beach diet gluten-free?

Dr. Agston, the south beach diet founder, has written a south Beach gluten solution book to help the persons who are allergic to gluten. There are gluten-free foods available to ensure read the label of the food products.

  • Does South Beach Diet work?

Yes, South Beach Diet undoubtedly works. Besides its most restrictive phase 1, this diet helps to shed your pounds. For long term maintenance of weight loss, tries to fulfill all of its requirements, and act accordingly. Don’t skip the regular exercise in a supercharged plan.

  • Is south beach diet keto?

South Beach diet has a menu of more than 70 snacks, meals, and keto-friendly shakes. These include cauliflower rice, Homestyle Chicken, Cauliflower rice, Veggie bowl, Sesame Glazed beef, etc.

  • What do you eat on the South Beach Diet?

In the South Beach diet, you are not allowed to drink any alcohol or juice. Besides, you can eat lean protein, like skinless poultry, seafood, soy products, and lean beef. You can also eat low-fat dairy products, high fiber vegetables, and healthy food with unsaturated fats such as nuts and seeds.

  • What snacks can I eat on South Beach diet phase 1?

South beach diet phase 1 is a little restricted about food. But as compared to other diets, there are several things you can enjoy. You can eat cottage cheese, turkey lunch meat, mixed nuts, and many other things. Even you are allowed to eat peanut butter with celery sticks.

  • Which is better Atkins Diet or South Beach Diet?

Atkins’ strictly restrict carbohydrates, and their packaged food is higher. I saturated fat and sodium. On the other hand, in the south beach diet, you will lose a lot of weight with heart-healthy food and lean protein good fats that not only nourish, but its taste will satisfy your sugar cravings.

  • Can you have cheese on the south beach diet?

Yes, while following the South Beach diet, you can eat everything you want, like cheese.

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