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How to Get Rid of Pubic Fat

Fat can accumulate in many parts of the body: arms, abdomen, legs, buttocks, and a long etcetera. But there is one area where we don’t repair until we put on a very tight garment that is pubic fat. Considering removing fat from the pubic is not only an aesthetic issue of intimate surgery; It can affect the private and sexual lives of both men and women.

As it is a very localized area, it may be more challenging to remove the fat from the pubic using natural alternatives. However, through aesthetic medicine, it is possible to achieve visible results after the first session with which to forget about our prominent Mount of Venus.

Tight clothes, lingerie, and bathing suits are no longer a problem; Proper treatment makes the area flat and smooth again, and that is why many women decide to put themselves in the hands of specialists. The reduction of mons fat is also an issue that many men are raised.

The main reason is that the pubic fat in men can produce the perception of a smaller penis. It is a visual effect that indirectly affects the size of the genitals and can cause low self-esteem to those who suffer from it. Well, how do you get rid of pubic fat?

How to Get Rid of Pubic Fat:

First Steps for Reducing Bulky Venus Mount.

The first step when considering losing fat from any area is to rethink your diet and exercise frequently and periodically. These two strategies are also necessary to remove fat from the pubic. Avoid white sugars, alcohol, or fried should be habits in our routines, but it is required to influence more if we want to lose volume.

But is it possible to slim down the mount of Venus? And above all: how to burn pubic fat through sports? There are specific exercises such as squats, cycling, or simulating your movements without a bicycle and with your legs up, which can help us form this area of ​​our body and eliminate fat from the pubis. But unfortunately, it is a painful area to train, and it is usually not very sensitive to diets, so depending on our genetics, these tactics may not be enough.

Pubic Liposuction:

The Answer To Burning Pubic Fat From The Prominent Mount Of Venus.

So how do you remove pubic fat? The truth is that there are several non-invasive and outpatient treatments to deal with this problem. After a preliminary study of the patient’s situation, the medical staff will advise one or the other according to each case.

One of the best known is the pubic liposuction. This intimate surgery technique does not differ much from those performed on other parts of the body. It uses to correct regions that are rebellious to diets, as is the case of the bulky Mount of Venus. In addition, it is performed with local anesthesia and sedation.

Goodbye to The Fat Mount of Venus:

How to burn pubic fat in men and women with lipo laser.

The body lipo laser is a treatment, also known as laser-assisted liposuction. It is a minimally invasive procedure; It is very effective in treating specific areas. It is a less traumatic intervention than traditional liposuction, so the recovery period is shorter.

It should be the surgeon who decides what type of technique is most effective in each case to remove fat on the Mount of Venus, whether traditional liposculpture or lipo laser.

Drink a Lot of Water

It is the most common advice, but the truth is that it works. It allows your body to eliminate the liquids it needs by drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of water daily. Also, if you drink water, you will help your internal organs to function correctly, thus helping to accumulate less localized fats in your body.

Eat Several Times a Day

Don’t overfill at every main meal. Ideally, you should eat five meals a day. Take a full breakfast in the morning. You can eat something healthy like fruit, yogurt, wheat bread with tahini, etc. Eat well but without feeling incredibly thorough. You can take a healthy snack of nuts and light meats. You can also try to eat some of these five foods that help you lose weight while you sleep.

  1. Avocado
  2. Nuts
  3. Lentils
  4. Whole grains
  5. Wild salmon

foods that help you lose weight

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Practice Some Exercises to Remove Fat From the Pubic

By starting to have a healthy lifestyle, you will prevent more fat from accumulating and favor the elimination of part of your Camel Toe. But along with this, you must tone the area so that your pubic muscles are healthy and do not tend to accumulate fat. Also, exercising your pubic area will help you improve your sex life (an extra!). Take note of these infallible exercises to eliminate the.

Camel Toe

Lean Back

Get on your knees on the yoga mat, holding a two-pound weight with both hands (if you don’t have it, you can use a package of rice). Lean back slightly, without bending your back. Hold the pose for a few seconds, feeling how the exercise pulls the pubis. Repeat this exercise 10 times each day.

Camel Pose

The Yoga camel pose is ideal for strengthening the pubic area. Before doing it, it is good that you have done some stretches so that your body is perfect for taking advantage of the posture and not generate injuries.

Get down on your knees (as in the previous exercise or with your feet resting on a high cushion). Breathe in, and when you breathe out, take your back area slowly, without moving your lower back until you can grab your feet with your hands (or as far as you can go). You should stay as long as you can in this pose and leave slowly when you complete it. You can repeat it three times so that you know how far your body can go.

Back Leg Stretch

Stand upright with your legs at the hip level. Put your hands on your hips for balance. Lift your right leg back, stretching it to your stop, trying not to go forward. Hold for a few seconds and return to the starting position. Repeat with each leg ten times.

And if, in addition to eliminating pubic fat, you want to strengthen your mid-body, don’t miss these tips and exercises to round your buttocks and the complete plank routine for flat stomachs.



If you can control your diet and do some exercise, then you can reduce pubic naturally. Below I have listed some best diet and exercise for reducing or burning fat from the pubic area.


  1. Fats: High-fat foods should not exist in your daily meals. In addition to not being recommended for a healthy diet, it is a habit that favors accumulation in the Mount of Venus. Why? Due to the high components of sugar, sodium, and saturated fat.
  2. Few Calories: If your goal is to lose weight in this area of ​​the body, when you go to the supermarket, look closely at the labels to avoid consuming extra calories. If you eat healthier, your body will have more energy, and gradually you will eliminate that vast area.
  3. Eat Several Times a Day: But make sure those meals are small. By having an active stomach, you will not feel hungry, and you will control anxiety. Mix protein foods well with carbohydrates.
  4. Low Sugar: Whenever you reduce the number of carbohydrates, you only do it with meals, but what about soft drinks? Its high sugar content prevents you from eliminating that fat located in the pubis. If you are thirsty, drink water. Use sugar only for your coffee. If you prefer, there is also a substitute. Zero soft drinks because its high sugar content prevents us from losing the weight we want to eliminate.


  1. Move Your Hips: Do you want to remove that fat from the pubis? It will be easier for you if you do activities that involve moving your hips. Those exercises include athletics, biking, and climbing stairs. The indicated time is 40 minutes daily.
  2. Bike: In your bed, move your legs as if simulating the pedaling you do when you ride a bike. Biking will flex your hips and work your pubis to decrease fat. It would help if you did sets of 15 repetitions every day.
  3. Raise Your Legs: Lie on the bed on your back, place your hands under your buttocks, and slowly raise and lower your legs. The series is 3, with 15 repetitions each.

If you follow those things regularly, I hope your pubic fat will reduce. So without surgery, you can reduce your pubic fat by doing some exercise and control your diet.

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