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The Booty Pro Reviews: New Booty Pro 3.0 System How Does It Work For Your Dream Booty?

You don’t have to be in the gym, and regardless of what the fitness trainers might have you believe, getting bikini ready and great butts don’t require heading to the gym. Instead, you will need to attack those core muscles with proven glutes exercises. By training your glutes muscles from different angles, varying the workload, and bringing instability into your workout routine, you can sculpt and strengthen your butt at home. That’s what the Booty Pro 3.0 system is all about.

This is a systematic review of the Booty Pro system. In this Booty Pro review, you will know everything about the things you will get, how to set up, the benefits, pros, and cons of the Booty Pro system. Consider this as a Booty Pro 3.0 review as it is updated and also includes information on how it differs from the previous system. Learn More From The Booty Pro Official Website >>

What is the Booty Pro System?

The Booty Pro system is a full-body workout system that allows you to do 50+ exercises at home, at the office, and at the gym – anywhere you like. It is one of the best home exercise systems to lift and tone your butt and harden and shred your abs and legs.

Among many things, what sets it apart is that the Booty Pro system is developed and also recommended by Dr. Darren Fano created the Booty Pro home exercise system and the system’s goal was to provide you a safe and effective way to train. He is a Chiropractor and provides chiropractic treatments at the Boca Spine & Wellness Center located in Florida.

You don’t need to crush your spine when building your core muscle, glutes, and legs with the Booty Pro system. Instead of putting the load in your spine, you can place it directly on the glute muscles. If you are trying to figure out how to sculpt and strengthen your booty like Jenifer Lopez, then you’ll be happy with the Booty Pro system. The system’s precise angle technology lets you change the angle of resistance to lift, tone the lower spinal muscles, and sculpt the entire glute.

Another perk of the Booty Pro system is the ankle band to kick back and target the glute muscles. No wonder the booty board makes arm workout supper worthy because you easily connect the cables to it. This allows you to do good, hard weight training exercises safely.

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What’s included in the Booty Pro System?

The new Booty Pro 3.0 system includes special features and an enhanced gym-quality board that was missing in the previous version. Here are the things that you get inside the Booty Pro 3.0 system-

  1. One Adjustable Lap Band
  2. Two Short Blue Resistance Bands
  3. Two Cushioned handles
  4. Two Long Black Resistance Bands
  5. One Booty Board
  6. One Blue Thigh Band
  7. One Ankle Belt
  8. One Waist Belt for Squats & Lunges
  9. Accessories Bag
  10. Instructional
  11. Exercise Poster
  12. Nutritional Guide

So, you see the Booty Pro system comes with everything you need for resistance training and full-body workout. The Booty Pro board makes it easier to get the balance when working out.

The Booty Pro system is built-in safety guards that are not seen in any other brands. The system’s stackable tube resistance bands come with tubes reinforced with woven cords tucked inside for more excellent safety. You can use the resistance bands in a combination at various heights.

The additional tubes are something which we couldn’t find in other brands. The handles are grippy, and the complete kit, along with the detailed instruction manual and demonstration videos, as well as the nutritional guide, makes it one of a kind.

Among many things, what we really liked about this Booty Pro system is the blue thigh bands. With the thigh band, you can do an intense workout and fatigue your legs. See, the problem with using low-quality booty bands is that they wear out quickly, but you don’t have to replace these booty bands.

How does the Booty Pro System work?

Booty Pro system exercises

So, how exactly do you use the Booty Pro system? There are several ways to use the system, but the most popular exercises are hip thrusts, upright rows, and lunge squats. You can do many workout combinations and target arms, shoulders, glutes, legs, and more. It will take some time to get started with the system, but the resistance bands are ready to use right outside of the box, and the best way is to watch the videos.

What’s impressive is that you only need to commit to 10-20 minutes a day for 30 days to get your body bikini ready! You can also get instructional videos, tips, and ideas on different exercises using the Booty Pro system from the official website. You can also search the Booty Pro system workout videos on YouTube. Also, you get a booklet of the workout videos inside the Booty Pro system.

Does the Booty Pro System work?

Long story short, if you can do the Booty Pro 600 challenge, then indeed, you get your body bikini ready for the summer. Worry not, because the Booty Pro 600 challenge is not that tough. All you need is to commit to the Booty Pro routine (10 minutes) a day to complete the one month challenge for your dream booty. The Booty Pro, a 10-minute challenge, is divided into the following sections-

The challenge is about doing two sets of five exercises for 60 seconds each for 60 days. You will be doing the following collection of exercises twice, with each set taking only 5 minutes and daily 10 minutes only.

  • 60 seconds of Muay Thai knees
  • 60 Seconds of Chops
  • 60 seconds Cardio Boxing
  • 60 seconds of an eighty-five-degree single-leg hip thrust for upper glute burn
  • 60 seconds of eighty-five-degree hip thrust (both legs combined) for upper glute burn

This is just one of the challenges from the Booty Pro Workout. You can do other forms of sets and from other Booty Pro instructors and get the same result.

Interestingly, the booty pro system has become so popular that many fitness trainers and workout coaches offer glutes-oriented training programs with the booty pro system. The booty pro ‘install’ models are also serving solid workout routine and selected training regime.

Along with the training program, they are also offering diet plans. But, regardless that you follow them or not, the booty pro 3.0 system comes with certified training programs for beginners to advanced trainers.

How to set up the Booty Pro System

It is essential to properly feed the lap band of the Booty Pro system through the buckle. If the lap bands keep sliding through the buckle, that means it is not correctly set up, and for that, you can watch the instructional video on how to set up the booty pro system. Another important thing is to keep the lap band clean and free of lubricants.

Setting up the Booty Pro 3.0 system is easy. Here we are explaining how to buckle the lap bands. Lay the booty board on the floor. Place the buck in the starting position. The ridges on the inner slot should face upward while the ridge on the outer slot should face downward. Feed the lap band through the internal slot first and then back up through the outer slide. Slide the belt loop over the loose end towards the buckle to stay securely.

When the lap band buckle setup is done right, the external slot’s ridges should be pointing towards the lap band. It is essential to buckle correctly, or else the band will keep sliding. You can watch the Booty Pro 3.0 system setup video to get a better idea.

For hip thrust exercise, fasten both the left and the right resistance bands of the Booty Pro system’s board to the waist belt.

The Booty Pro Benefits

The best thing about using the Booty Pro system is that you don’t need to belong to a gym to do resistance training. Apart from that, here are the benefits of using the Booty Pro system-

  • More than 50 easy-to-follow exercise routine

Booty Pro system is one of the most popular at-home workout systems. There is a range of Booty Pro videos you can watch to get a full-body workout and target muscle fats within seconds of the system set up. So, with this system, you don’t need a personal trainer. You can watch the Booty Pro’s certified trainer’s instructional video and get the job done at the beach or at your home.

  • Sturdy construction and gym-quality material

It is a gym quality product with sturdy construction material. The bands are made with 100% genuine and eco-friendly latex. Remember, when choosing the best resistance bands, the latex material is the best than the fabric ones. You don’t need to be afraid of snapping the bands because the Booty Pro resistance bands are made of premium latex rubber.

These bands come with attached handles too. Best of all, there are in total four resistance bands- two short ones and two longer ones for full stretch out and joint mobilization. The booty board makes the exercise more comfortable, and it also provides a good surface for strength training.

  • Doctor developed and recommended

As mentioned above, the Booty Pro is a doctor recommended workout system. It is designed by Dr. Darren Fano in such a way that the system protects your spine when doing the exercise. Wearing the waist belt over the hips makes it easier to master the squat for strength and conditioning. The hip bands are ideal for assisting people who want to rehabilitate knee, leg, and back injuries. The waistbands help you to adjust the angles for the hip thrust.

  • Suitable for all fitness level

The Booty Pro system is designed and developed both for men and women. It is perfect for different levels of exercise and ideal for all fitness levels. The Booty Pro system comes with a range of essential equipment and adjustable weight and resistance option you would ever need.

When it comes to the latex booty bands, they are adjustable from 7.8 inches to 16.9 inches. The bands are wider than regular exercise bands. For more intense hip thrust workouts and to lean out your hamstrings you can add the Booty Pro stability cushion. The stability cushion replaces the Booty Pro Block.

  • Easy to store

One of the best things about the Booty Pro system is that it is easy to store. It is convenient and easy to store and carry under your arm and take it anywhere you wish to train. It fits inside the couch. Setting the system is also easy. You have to lay it down and buckle in the system.

The benefits of using the Booty Pro system are significant. If you accomplish a 60-minute workout challenge for every day with the Booty Pro system, you can surely expect your body to get fit, toner, more robust, tighter, and leaner. Another benefit of doing the workout with the Booty Pro systems is that it helps you safely build a dashing hourglass figure.

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The Booty Pro System Pros and Cons

Now we have compared the Booty Pros system with other similar ones. Here are the pros and cons of the Booty Pro system–

Should you buy the Booty Pro System? The Pros

  • Made with 100 percent natural latex
  • Bands come in a range of tension levels and sizes
  • The tubes are reinforced with inner rope for increased safety
  • Full-grip cushioned handles for extra support
  • Portable and Easy to set up
  • Video Workouts from certified fitness trainers
  • A comprehensive range of training materials
  • Precise angle technology for targeting specific muscle groups
  • Costs less than a monthly gym subscription
  • The Booty Pro System risk-free for 30 days money-back guarantee and free shipping

Should you buy the Booty Pro System? The Cons

  • The Booty Pro 3.0 system is not available at Amazon but only from the official website
  • The Booty Pro slat block is discontinued (replaced with stability cushion)

The Booty Pro System Customer Reviews

First of all, there are hundreds of reviews on the Booty Pro system. If you visit the website, you will find a page on the Booty Pro System reviews with happy feedbacks. But here are the three Booty Pro system reviews that we think summarizes everything you would want to know about what others are saying.

“It’s a great workout tool for those who love pilates reformer and strength training. I have done the Booty Pro 600 challenge for 30 days, and my results are fantastic. I only wish I could add before and after workout photos. I recommend the Booty Pro system to those who want to firm and get bikini ready in 30 days.” Jessy Deane

“I am a mother of two, and I don’t have space or money for large equipment. This amazing piece of workout equipment is perfect for any workout routine I like. Not only did it help me get back in shape in just few months it delivered an amazing lift. I like that it takes up a little space, and I don’t need to pay a gym membership!” Marlene K.

“Finally, a piece of equipment that takes small space for whole body workout and also easy to store and carry at the beach. I love the instructional videos and love the convenience of using it. When not in use, I simply slide my Booty Pro system under my couch.” Katharine.

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The Booty Pro Complaints

First of all, the Booty Pro 3.0 system is equipped with a range of safety gears so that you don’t need to harm your spine when doing the workouts. We have checked for complaints regarding the Booty Pro 3.0 system. But there wasn’t any except for a delay in shipment during the Covid-19. Moreover, the system comes with a 30-day guarantee. So if there is anything wrong with any item, you can shoot for a risk-free return.

The only complaints we found regarding the Booty Pro system is about the shipping delay during the lockdown. If you are looking for the booty pro discount code, the trick is to send an email to the Booty Pro customer service email address. The email address of the booty pro customer service is info@thebootypro.com. The official website has enough information on the booty pro for sale and how to get the discount code as a first-timer.

The Booty Pro price

Currently, the price of the Booty Pro 3.0 system is $199.00 on the official website. Previously, the cost of the Booty Pro system was $229.00. You can pay also in 3 installments for each time $66.33. There was also the Booty Pro deluxe sold at $299.00 at amazon. The new Booty Pro 3.0 system is only $199.00 on the official website with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

That means if you are not happy with your Booty Pro system, you can send it back and get your refund. There is one nice trick to get the booty pro discount code, and that is to send a mail to the booty pro mail address. We have already shared the mail address of the booty pro customer service in the above section.

If you visit the official website, you can get the Booty Pro system’s accessory kit (all the accessories except the Booty Pro board) at $79.00. The Booty Pro stability cushion replaces the block and costs $59. The stability cushion is not recommended for beginners, and you only need it to take your hip thrust workout to the next level.

The Booty Pro Where to Buy

The Booty Pro Where to Buy and price

So, where should you buy the Booty Pro system? Currently, the Booty Pro system is upgraded to the new Booty Pro 3.0 system, which comes with gym-quality enhanced board and resistance materials. According to the Booty Pro 3.0 system reviews and my research, the product is not currently available on amazon. You can check, and for this, we have provided you the link.

So, the best bet is to buy it from the Booty Pro official website. The item is always in stock on their website, and best of all, it’s free delivery, and along with it comes incredible discounts from time to time. For example, you can get the Booty Pro 3.0 system at $19.95 as a trial offer from the website. You can visit Booty Pro.com and purchase it from there.

You can get the Booty Pro system anywhere in the world when you shop from the website. They have partnered with MyUS.com and ships to more than 225 countries. To place your Booty Pro 3.0 system or any Booty Pro products outside of the United States, please visit the official website.

Note: I am not sure if buying the Booty Pro system from Amazon is a viable option because it is charging extra for shipping. On the other hand, there is no shipping charge when you order from the website. The best place to buy the Booty Pro system is through the official website, and this is where you get the best deals and even bonuses.

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The Booty Pro Reviews – Final Verdict

The Booty Pro system is one of the best fitness equipment to add to your home gym. With the gyms shut down this pandemic, we found a massive rush on the Booty Pro system. The system allows you not only to target your buttocks but also do a combination of other exercises by targeting your abs, hips, arms, shoulders, and core muscles. We couldn’t add the instructional videos in this Booty Pro system review but don’t forget to check them out from the website.

If you are looking for something that does it all, then this system is the one you need. Best of all, you don’t need a personal trainer as you get access to instructional videos from the Booty Pro’s website. Last but never least, the Booty Pro system makes an excellent gift for any fitness enthusiast.

FAQs About The Booty Pro System

There are some confusions about the Booty Pro system and the training program. These are the common questions about the Booty Pro system and all answered.

  1. What is the Booty Pro 3.0 system?

Answer: The Booty Pro 3.0 system is a new and improved version of the Booty Pro system. The Booty Pro system didn’t have the Booty Pro board, but the new Booty Pro 3.0 system comes with an enhanced gym-quality booty board. Additionally, the new Booty Pro 3.0 system comes with adjustable lap bands with heavy-duty resistance. This article is essentially Booty Pro 3.0 system reviews so do consider going through it.

  1. Does the Booty Pro system work?

Answer: The Booty Pro 3.0 system’s concept surely works, and this you can easily understand by watching the Booty Pro video. Furthermore, if you can do the Booty Pro 600 challenge (2 sets of 5 exercises) 10 minutes a day for 60 days, you are sure to see the result. We have already mentioned the set of Booty Pro system exercises in the above Booty Pro review.

The Booty Pro system is a very accessible glutes workout set which you can use for a full-body workout just about anywhere you want. It uses precise angle technology with which you change the angle of resistance.

With the adjustable lap bands provided in the Booty Pro system, you can hip thrust to build and strengthen the muscles and the glutes. It also allows you to increase the stability of your core muscles and the lower back. The resistance bands, waistband, and lap bands are adjustable to shorten or lengthen the bands depending on the exercise difficulty you choose.

The Booty Pro system is super useful if you struggle with back pain. The system is designed and constructed in such a way that it keeps your spine safe when working out.

  1. How much weight can you add to the Booty Pro system?

Answer: The Booty Pro system comes with adjustable lap bands. That means the lap bands are adjustable, and you can add 50lbs to 135 lbs approximately. When it comes to choosing the resistance bands, you must pay attention to the elastic component. It is because the longer you can stretch the bands, the harder get the resistance. With the four resistance bands included in the Booty Pro system, you can choose your tension as you want. The Booty Pro system is fantastic for back health and lower back pain.

  1. What amount of resistance comes with the Booty Pro system?

Answer: The Booty Pro system comes with 40-135 lbs of resistance, and it is safe for up to 450 lbs of resistance. The adjustable resistance of the updated – the new booty pro 3.0 system is over 200 pounds to burn off the charts! The set comes with four resistance bands and with tubes, and you work up the strength from extra-light to extra-heavy by adjusting the level.

  1. Is there any door anchors included with the Booty Pro system?

Answer: The Booty Pro system comes with the Booty Pro board. So, you don’t need the door anchors.

  1. What type of exercises can you do with the Booty Pro system?

Answer: You can use the Booty Pro system for a range of exercises. The resistance bands are perfect for pilates, squats, lunges, thighs, glute bridges, CrossFit, legs, and abs. With the Booty Pro system’s resistance bands, you can target core muscle and build your perfect body shape within 30 days. The system is suitable for multiple fitness levels. With the Booty Pro 3.0 system, you can target the arm, core, back, and glutes. You can do upper body, abdominal, hip thrust, leg raise, golf swing, lunges, single-leg, and cardio boxing exercises.

  1. Why choose the Booty Pro system?

Answer: The Booty Pro system is a complete workout system that includes four resistance bands and the booty board, the heavy-resistance handles on the bands for extra grip, and waistbands. The instructional video helps you get you started, and along with the Booty Pro system comes a travel-friendly storage bag – all at a cost less than a gym membership subscription! You also get the resistance tube to workout for a range of heights.

So, the Booty Pro system includes everything you need to work out at home. The Booty Pro 3.0 system is the real deal when you want easy-to-use gym quality equipment for a full-body exercise.

  1. What are the size, weight, and the dimension of the booty board?

Answer: The Booty Pro board weighs only 15 pounds and is constructed in the shape of a peanut so that you can easily carry it under your arm. The board is two inches thick and is approximately 56 inches in length. The Booty Pro board can accommodate individuals weighing 250 lbs.

  1. What is the waist belt size of the Booty Pro system?

Answer: The waist belt size of the Booty Pro system is about 28-36 inches (XS-L).

  1. How much is the Booty Pro System?

Answer: The price of the Booty Pro 3.0 System from the official website is $199.00. The Booty Pro accessory kit without the Booty Pro board is only $79.00. At Amazon, the price of the Booty Pro system is only up for the business-only price. So, we think visiting the official website for purchasing is the best option. If you are looking for the booty pro discount code, send them a mail or try “booty2021”.

  1. What is the Booty Pro phone number?

Answer: The booty pro phone number is not listed on the website. But the mail address of the booty pro customer service is info@thebootypro.com. According to the reviews on the booty pro system, they reply quickly. You can also contact them from their Facebook Page.

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Booty Pro Location Address

The Booty Pro
299 W. Camino Gardens Boulevard,
Suite 103B, Boca Raton Florida US 33432

Return Shipping Address

Booty Pro Returns
4093 NW 1st Place
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

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