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Save Guard Reviews – Save Guard Mobile Medical Alert System How Does It Help To Senior Citizens?

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Save Guard Mobile medical alert system gives you the ultimate peace of mind that someone is there to take care of you and your family member even during the COVID-19 lockdown. This medical alert system is proving to be extremely by providing 24/7 protection to seniors and family members. The 4G GPS technology of the Save Guard medical emergency alert device is keeping families safe and protected in these uncertain times.

With this handless portable and go-anywhere medical alert device, you get instant help with a push of a button. Just with a push of an SOS button, you can enjoy the full freedom of in-home and on-the-go protection in the states. As good as the news gets, Save Guard Healthcare provides the seniors with an opportunity to get the GPS medical alert device by placing an order free.

As good as it gets, this medical alert device is rated as #1 by Senior Shoppers for its ease of use, friendliness, and quick response time in the event of emergencies. Here in this Save Guard review, we share the A-Z on the best wearable medical alert system for your family and your loved ones. Learn More About The Save Guard From The Official Website >>

What Is Save Guard?

Save Guard is a medical alert system. It is an extremely useful medical alert device that provides protection both at home and outside. This 3 inches mini hands-free GPS mobile medical alarm pendant is a life-saving product.

When an emergency arises, the Save Guard dispatcher is always there to take care of. Save Guard gives you the full confidence that your loved one is getting the best protection. The representative stays on the line until the paramedic is there.

What Is Save Guard

The GPS tracking system allows the Save Guard wearer and the dispatcher to send instant emergency supports to the user’s area. You can also set up the device to reach out to predetermined family members or neighbors who can check on the wearer. The two-way voice technology enables the users to speak with the pros in the event of an emergency.

So whether the Save Guard user is in the middle of a house fire or perhaps suffering from chest pain or panic attack- help is sent immediately and instant. It doesn’t even have to be a medical concern. The Save Guard user gets assistance at any emergencies – even if your home is burglarized and even when there’s a plumbing massacre or a disastrous leak at the dead of the night.

If you have been told that medical alert smartwatches and health trackers are made with seniors in mind, think twice. That’s because Save Guard is more wearable and user-friendly for older adults. Health trackers and fitness smartwatches can only keep track of health and provide certain features as built-in Alexa.

But, Save Guard can save lives! It is the type of device that gives more independence to older adults. It works as a personal panic button and a very useful product for kids, seniors, and anyone with concerns.

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How Save Guard Works

Save Guard works in three steps to give you 24/7 on-the-go medical support and peace of mind. The user pushes the emergency button, the operator initiates the communication, and you get medical support in your area. The Save Guard technology allows users to get emergency help fast.

The technology is super simple. The Save Guard system works by creating two-way communication that connects the users to the representatives who can send instant support in case of chest pain, fall, or trauma. The Save Guard medical alert device uses 4G connectivity that provides great location coverage.

If you are looking for a super-simple medical alarm system that will provide you instant support in an emergency, this one is the best one out there. Save Guard mobile medical alarm system is built for families. It provides all-in-all protection and safety even to pets of any size and adults.

The Save Guard alert device provides a personalized monitoring system and protection from live EMT-trained specialists across the United States. Basically, the device enables GPS tracking. The Save Guard wearer can speak with the paramedics anytime by using the two-way voice technology of the device. Save Guard works as a personal panic button.

Save Guard Features and Benefits

Save Guard’s outstanding features are packed in a lightweight and comfortable design. The Save Guard pendant is discreet and convenient. The user only needs to press the button in the event of an emergency to notify the dispatch center. It can be worn around the neck, wrist, and even around the hip. Save Guard Medical alert device is so convenient that you can wear it all the time, in the home, outside in the backyard, or in the front yard- just about anywhere.

Best of all, it is water-resistant. That means you can wear it while swimming or even in the shower. Saveguard is perhaps the best GPS medical support and tracker for seniors and kids. We recommend Save Guard for people who prefer the ease of functionalities and protection. It is also suitable for those prone to wander off and for people with forgetfulness or dementia. This GPS tracking medical assistance device works best for 24-hour coverage as it can be worn around the neck and is also easy to carry.

Beyond the instant tracking capabilities and instant paramedic support, Save Guard comes with some other notable features for full-time protection and convenience. The listen-in function of the Save Guard mobile medical alarm device is top-notch, ensuring a crisp and clear two-way voice. You know for sure that help is on the way with the touch of one button and no other distractions.

Save Guard Features and Benefits

Another standout feature of Save Guard is it is lightweight and portable. It is wearable around the neck, wrist, or belt clip options. The Save Guard medical alarm pendant is 3 inches in height- tiny and discreet protection device smaller than Tim Tams. Keeping your loved ones protected becomes simpler and easier with Save Guard. Best of all, the user doesn’t even need an extra device or a phone to use Save Guard. They get instant care and medical support just with a push of a button.

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How Save Guard Mobile Alert System Compares

Save Guard mobile alert system is a discreet wearable device that allows the user to send alerts to emergency contacts or get instant medical support anytime and anywhere. Save Guard is suitable for people of all walks of life; after all, it is a medical alert device. This discreet device scores as the top best and most useful wearable tracker that instantly gives 24/ protection and medical support.

When it comes to getting instant medical support and finding emergency devices, you have four options. The most common is the SOS smartwatch that is loaded with features. You get loads of extras such as weather forecasts, health tracking, texting features, and the instant SOS button. But think twice before buying yourself or your parents an SOS smartwatch.

That’s because you would want something lightweight that’s wearable all day. Safe Guard medical alert device tops the list when compared to smartwatches out there. What makes Save Guard the most useful medical alert system is that it comes with the particular features you need for the best protection. This is one of a kind medical alert system.

What makes Save Guard the best medical alert device is that you don’t have to worry about range and coverage for instant medical support. That’s because it is GPS enabled, and Save Guard care covers almost the habitable areas of the United States. When you have Save Guard, you get full protection coverage both in-home and outside there. This mini can be worn as a neck pendant, and the user gets in touch with instant medical support or 911 with just a push of a button.

Save Guard Pros and Cons

When It comes to choosing a quality medical alarm system, there are tons of products out there. Some are GPS enabled. Some come with built-in Bluetooth and extra features as the weather forecast and health trackers.

But, you wouldn’t want to end up with a shabby medical alert system that’s troublesome to operate. Emergency devices need to be pretty straightforward and easy to use. Keeping all these in mind, we have listed the pros and cons of Save guard right here.


  • Real-Time GPS Tracking
  • Built-In Automatic Fall Detection
  • Easy To Use SOS Emergency Push Button
  • Water-Resistant & Wearable In Shower
  • No Installation Or Setup Procedures
  • Lightweight, Discreet, And Wearable 24 Hours
  • 24/7 Reliable Monitoring & Medical Support
  • Direct Connect with EMT and paramedic
  • Instant replacement in case of technical difficulties
  • No distracting apps
  • Risk-free trial


  • Only Two Color Choices (Black & White)

The Save Guard Reviews & Experience

Save Guard customer reviews and ratings speak for themselves. We went through tons of reviews on Save Guard Mobile Medical Alert and the reviews on other medical alert products. Save Guard reviews and testimonials carry a wealth of information. It tells us about different kinds of Save Guard users, such as a daughter looking for a GPS-enabled medical alert wearable that her mother can wear all the time.

Some users bought Save Guard to feel confident and independent. Another thing is that Save Guard is more popular among those who want a discreet GPS tracking and medical support system that’s straightforward to use and reasonable. Here we share how others are finding Save Guard useful and why you should too-

  • “I tried the Save Guard risk-free trial to test the pendant before deciding it for my grandma. I really liked the fact that they gave access to the support care system and the alert button even when trial testing. I am happy with the function and the way it works. This mobile medical alert system is perfect for what it is meant to do and that is provide the instant response at the event. I know I will have the peace of mind that my grandma has the support when I am at my work.” Sarah, Wisconsin, US.
  • “This is the most convenient wearable home SOS pendant! The moment I opened the package I could feel it is a quality aid system. It is lightweight and yet very durable. My mother, who is a very picky person, has no complains wearing it all day. It is very functional and the response team is really caring. I liked the fact that we could list contacts and phone numbers of our neighbors. All-in-all it is a nice and mini medical phone slash alarm system that also calls 911.”  Lucy. L. US.
  • “It is the most practical medical alert device during Covid lockdown keeping me and my family safe. You don’t have to worry about leaving home as there’s help whenever you need it and wherever you are.” Tony, US.

Save Guard Mobile Medical Alert Device Buying Guide

Typically, the cost of a mobile medical alert system is $198.00. Save Guard wants all users and seniors to get emergency service and medical support at these crisis times. No matter what the price tags, SmartGo is offering the Save Guard 2021 Promo Offer. You can get your mobile medical alert device shipped at no cost, and the only cost is the monthly monitoring service subscription, which is $44.00 approximately. All Save Guard subscribers get uninterrupted assistance by paying the monthly maintenance fee, and that’s all. Save Guard is also sold with a risk-free trial option.

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The Final Words on Save Guard Reviews

Save Guard is our top pick as the best mobile medical alarm system for its inclusive features, functionalities, and practical wearability. If you wonder if Save Guard is really worth it or not, then here’s something to clear the air. This is the type of medical alert device that gives immediate support and protection at the moment. It comes with no flimsy addition, and all it takes is to push the Save Guard button. Even if the user accidentally pushes the button, there is nothing wrong as the Save Guard support center boasts empathetic listeners who are always there.

Finally, GPS tracking, built-in technology, functionality, portability, and all-in-all emergency support protocol make it the most practical medical alert system. Save Guard even boasts special emergency support during traumatic events and other privileges for the users that you won’t find elsewhere.

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FAQs About Save Guard Medical Alert System

  • How Does Save Guard Work?

The Save Guard is a medical alert system that comes with three monthly service packages. You can choose a traditional landline unit, a home unit, or a cellular in-home team. No matter which option you choose, you get full medical emergency support as long as you have the subscription to Save Guard.

  • How will the Save Guard Paramedic reach inside the home?

The Save Guard subscribers get access to a secure vault for keeping their home keys stored. The user sets the code for the security vault. Then, in the event of emergencies inside the home, the Save Guard specialist will provide the EMT or emergency personnel with the code. Thus, the paramedic can quickly access the user inside the home without breaking into or causing any damage.

  • What to do in case of Technical Difficulties with Save Guard?

The Save Guard medical alert system offers full-time support for emergency first response. Hence, the Save Guard customer service is available 24/7. Therefore, if the user faces any technical difficulties, they can call customer service and get immediate support to fix the issue. Also, there is the option for instant replacement in case of technical difficulties.

  • Who will respond when I press the button of Save Guard?

When the user presses the button, a Save Guard emergency responder from the headquarter will respond. The representative is a specialized first responder and will initiate the three-way communication between the user, the responder, and the paramedic.

  • What if I accidentally set off the Save Guard Alarm?

The Save Guard user need not worry when accidentally setting off the alarm. As soon as you press the button, the Save Guard operator will respond. The user can then notify the representative that it was an error, and no actions will be taken.

  • How long does the Save Guard user have to wait for the help?

A user only needs to wait 25-30 seconds at max to get the Save Guard support.

  • What is the size of Save Guard?

The Save Guard pendant size is 1.5 inches in width and 3 inches in height. It is a small and lightweight all-time wearable medical device.

  • What is the coverage for Save Guard?

Save Guard serves all areas in the United States. It is a GPS-enabled mobile medical alarm device providing nationwide cellular coverage.

  • What happens if I cannot push the Save Guard Button?

You can purchase Advanced fall protection, which you can use to call the Save Guard operator and receive immediate medical assistance.

  • Is Save Guard Waterproof?

Yes, This medical alert system takes protection to new levels. For example, you can wear it in the shower.

  • Is Save Guard Medical Alert System Covered by Medicare?

Medicare doesn’t provide coverage for medical alert devices. However, you can get a risk-free trial offer from Save Guard mobile medical alert system.

  • Can you use Save Guard Mobile Medical alert device in rural areas?

Yes. The Save Guard mobile medical alert system’s coverage is available for rural areas in the United States. The Save Guard rural customers can also choose the landline option for convenience.

  • What is the Save Guard Alert Customer Service Number and Email Address?

Save Guard Alert customer support mobile number is: +1 800-417-8771 and email address is support@saveguardalert.com.

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