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Lumebience Himalayan Salt Lamp Reviews: Does It Work And How Good Is It Compared To Other Crystal Lamps

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Himalayan Salt Lamps are very soothing and create a relaxing ambience. These crystal lamps not only add a touch of amber elegance to the indoor but also provides healing benefits. As the new year ushers, Lumebience, the air quality, and lifestyle company launch their new product line and in this Himalayan salt lamp review, we will explore the effectiveness of their batch.

What is the scientific explanation behind the benefits of using Himalayan salt lamps? Are they safe to use and is Himalayan salt good for you? In this Lumebience review, we will explore some essential key features to look for when shopping for these crystal lamps and share our top picks for Himalayan salt lamps. Learn More From The Lumebience Himalayan Salt Lamp Official Website >>

What are Lumebience Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Lumebience Himalayan salt lamps are professionally hand-carved crystal lamps that contain rocks mined from the Himalayan mountains and equipped with superior stainless-steel basin and scratch-resistant glass vase material. There are several types of Himalayan salt lamps available in the market from several brands. When lit, the salt lamps provide a warm Himalayan glow and provides a peaceful ambience.

What are Lumebience Himalayan Salt Lamps

Lumebience makes one of the best quality of Himalayan salt lamps. The rock crystals are sourced from the Himalayan mountains. Lumebience is a life-style brand manufacturing handcrafted Himalayan salt lamps and technological products. When unlit, the rocks provide a natural warm primordial glow and when lit, the lamp gives off the aura and creates the natural ambient mood. According to Lumebience review, people use it as a night light lamp while some simply love to sit beside the warm flow as it feels soothing and relaxing.

Apart from these, Lumebience Hand-crafted Himalayan salt lamps are termite-free while the touch-control Lumebience units are popular among those who want to practice yoga and meditation in a warm and serene atmosphere. All the lamp products claim to source 100% natural rocks from the mountains of the Himalayas. But the main difference between all these units is the style of the lamp, the power source, and the rock weight. Lumebience Himalayan salt lamps are designed for convenience and ease of use.

Lumebience Himalayan Salt Lamp Technical Features

The best Himalayan salt lamp from Lumebience comes in a glass base and aluminum alloy base. From the point of beauty and functionality, we find these (the one which comes in protective glass housing and metal base) as the best ones because not only are they easy to use but also provides clear light. Although, wooden based Himalayan salts lamps can prove to be beautiful home décor yet for the glass-framed lamps are more functional. Also, the glass-vase natural Himalayan salt lamps are crafted with artisanal craftsmanship, and Lumebience warrants the highest quality of the materials. Each unit of Lumebience salt lamps comes with a user manual explaining how to use the Himalayan salt lamp and how to clean and take care.

But, how do you choose the right Himalayan salt lamp? When choosing a Himalayan salt lamp, it is essential to focus not only on the source of the rock but also on safety features. When it comes to style there are several types of it such as stainless base or wooden base and also the frame of the vase. Currently, there are two categories of Lumebience Himalayan salt lamps. You can choose Lumebience Stainless base which is the best in terms of functionality and convenience or you can choose the wooden-based ones which are handcrafted and unique gift items.

How Lumebience Himalayan Salt Lamps Works

When lit, the Himalayan Salt Lamps release negative ions which attract the freely available harmful toxins from the environment and purifies the air. The basic mechanism is quite simple. Think about the natural water cycle process and how water vapor evaporates and condenses back again to Earth as rain form. Himalayan salt lamps work in the same process. But how does Himalayan salt lamp purify the air?

As per the technology and lifestyle product manufacturer, the lamp attracts the bad and harmful molecules from the air to its surface and purifies the toxins into water molecules. That is why, you may notice your lamp unit to cry and sometimes users explain this as ‘crying’, ‘melting’, or ‘leaking’. But, if you find your Himalayan salt lamp to leak or melt that is only natural and there is nothing to worry about that. And no matter how much it melts or leaks, an authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp lasts more than a year, provided that you handle it with care.

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Lumebience Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

By now, you must have heard hundreds of benefits of using Himalayan Salt Lamp. But, are Himalayan salt lamp benefits real? First of all, it is true that these wonderful lamps look great and are a wonderful home décor item. Perhaps, that is why Himalayan salt lamps are such a popular gift almost on any occasion. But, the manufacturers also claim the health benefits of using the Himalayan Salt Lamps.

Also from the Himalayan salt lamp reviews, people using the lamps experiences some form of health benefits such as-relief from asthma symptoms and allergic triggers, mood-boosting, and relaxing effects, and also improve the health and immune system. The best way to benefit from Lumebience Himalayan salt lamp is to place one every 500 square feet as this works similar to the salt room.

Lumebience Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

The Science Behind the Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

But there is some clinical evidence also pointing to the health benefits of using crystal salt lamps. Here are some interesting facts-

The most recent survey done by the National Institute of Recovery, Physical Medicine, and Balneoclimatology found that there are beneficial effects of using halo-generators such as Himalayan Salt Lamp in reducing allergic respiratory disease and triggers. The medical research paper is published in the medical database of the National Center for Biotechnology Information and you can get it here.

There are many studies on the therapeutic advantage of salt room therapy but the most convincing one is published on the Pubmed database. The clinical study suggests that halotherapy is beneficial for chronic inflammatory disorder as asthma and effective for treating asthmatic children. The pilot study is published here.

In terms of tangible health benefits, WebMD has reviewed it to be beneficial for achieving healthy sodium levels. [source] Next, the medical team from Louisiana suggests Himalayan Salt Lamps can improve sinus conditions, ease respiratory issues, and clear mucus. [Source] What more is that the dim light effect from the Himalayan salt lamp suppresses melatonin and provides a better sleeping environment and several laboratory studies suggest that reducing the light before bedtime and making it a habit lessens the sleeping problems and complexity over time.

The above are a few of the scientific explanations behind these wonderful crystal lamps. But, the best advantage of using the lamp is that it gets rids of the bad vibes from the space. Apart from that the benefits of using Himalayan salt lamps are as follow-

  • Purifies and improves the quality of indoor air
  • Reduces anxiety and stress-related symptoms such as depressions
  • Improve asthmatic triggers
  • Helps in controlling mood swings
  • Improves sinus and clears mucus
  • Provides better quality sleep
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Lumebience Himalayan Salt Lamp Pros and Cons

Should you buy Lumebience Himalayan Salt lamps? Just like any crystal lamps, there are both advantages and certain drawbacks. Here we have shared with you the pros and cons of using Himalayan salt lamps.


  • Authentic Himalayan rock mined from the salt caves
  • ETL certified
  • Power cords are UL marked
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • No industrial standard on evaluating the rock’s authenticity
  • Lumebience units are not yet available in the physical store
  • The salt chunks are fragile and tend to break easily

Lumebience Himalayan Salt Lamp Side Effects

There is no clinical evidence suggesting medical side effects when using Himalayan salt lamps. But users must understand that it is not advised to take Himalayan salt lamp as food-graded. Himalayan salt is a sodium-enriched mineral and too much of it can lead to serious health problems. People with osteoporosis must avoid too much salt-intake as it may lead to dehydration. So, if you are planning to intake Himalayan salt, you must know that it carries the same risk as any other dietary table salt.

There are numerous replicas of Himalayan salt lamps and it may be difficult to understand the real ones from the fake ones. But you can evaluate the original Himalayan salt lamp by checking the opacity of the lamp and the glow. Authentic crystal lamps provide a warm glow while fake ones come in colored glass vases and provide deep pink and colorful glows. Be aware of such phony products as they may be risky and hazardous to health.

As about Lumebience Himalayan Salt Lamps, there has been no reported incident of injuries or fire hazards when using the lamps. Consumers using the lamps have only reported positive outcomes.

Lumebience Himalayan Salt Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Here we share with you three Himalayan salt reviews based on the people using the Lumebience lamps–

‘My daughter bought the Lumebience Himalayan salt lamp for me last year. They are working till now and I am convinced that they have health benefits. I used to have flu but these days, I don’t feel sick anymore and perhaps that is because of the pure air. I also feel positive and best of all, somehow these amazing lamp gives a lift to my mood. It is unexplainable but thanks for my Himalayan Salt Lamps’. Kimberly.

‘I am simply happy with the beautiful glow from my Himalayan salt lamps. It helps me to overcome stress and get better sleep without any medications. My Lumebience units provide enough light in the middle of the night and I like the fact that it is so easy to use. I don’t know about others but I am happy with my purchase’. Danny B.

‘As a matter of fact, I didn’t even expect the lamps to have any kind of health benefits. But I was completely blown away with its performance. One thing I can tell you is that these lamps are great for purifying the air and works better than diffusers. Perhaps it is because the lamps attract the pollen particles to its surface. Best of all, it is easy to clean and I enjoy using my lamps when meditating. These Himalayan salt lamps from Lumebience give just the right amount of night light’. Edith. R

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Lumebience Himalayan Salt Lamps Price

Lumebience Himalayan salt lamps are affordable. One lamp costs $79.95, excluding the shipping charge. You can get a 50% discount from them if you buy 2 lamps and it makes sense during this thanksgiving festival. According to Lumebience Himalayan salt lamp reviews, the best way to cut the cost is to get two lamps because then Lumebience gives you a gift of one free extra. The price of two Himalayan salt lamp is $159.90. All units are free of USA shipment and Lumebience offers a lifetime warranty for all their products.

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Lumebience Himalayan Salt Lamps Price

Where to buy Himalayan Salt Lamps from Lumebience

These days there are several knockoff counterparts and also the price of Himalayan Salt Lamps seems to shoot high whenever it is a festival season. The best way to avoid the risks is to simply purchase it from the manufacturer. You can visit Lumebience official website to place your order and as per the customer testimonials, it takes 2 to 5 business days at max to get the product in hand.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Reviews – Final Verdict

On the bottom line, we found the Himalayan salt lamps from the Lumebience bet of the best. What we liked about these lamps is that they are modern and when lit gives a soothing glow. What we disliked? The only thing which they could have done better is to upgrade the dimmer control and perhaps it would have been better if there were much more customizing options. Also, the distribution of the glow varies from one room to another.

But the 30-day money-back guarantee is one of the things to consider and that actually made us try this one. But, please share with us your experience and help us update this Lumebience Himalayan salt lamp review.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Himalayan Salt Lamps real?

Lumebience Himalayan Salt Lamp’s cords and power supply cords are certified. All the units bear the UL mark and that means they are covered and certified by UL’s follow-up service. According to Lumebience Himalayan Salt lamp reviews, the lamps are real and simply must-haves. The units are 100% authentic and ETL certified.

  • Are Himalayan Salt lamps safe?

As per Himalayan salt lamp reviews, some lamps can catch on fire but there is no reported case of injury among the Lumebience users. Also, it is best to use lamps with caution. In terms of ease of use and convenience, it is better to avoid wooden-based Himalayan salt lamps because the wooden base of the lamp can easily rot or degrade. Excessive heat from the lamp can also cause the wood to shrink or crack; regardless if it is Neem’s wooden base or another type of wood. Lumebience lamps are constructed with stainless steel and are professionally hand-crafted with the Himalayan rock.

  • Will Himalayan Salt Lamp melt?

Himalayan salt lamps can last more than a lifetime if you use them with care. If you find your salt lamp sweating water it doesn’t mean that the rock salt content is melting. So, these lamps do not actually melt but rather leaks water vapor – and this is only natural and you should expect it whenever the lamp is lit.

  • Can Himalayan salt lamp make you sick?

Himalayan salt lamps balance the negative and positive ions available in the air. It attracts negative ions and converts into a positive one which can be beneficial for many health conditions. But too much overexposure can cause sleepiness. Also, too much salt intake can cause harm. The Himalayan salt lamp users use the lamp during the night for better sleep and at times when they lift in their mood. Note that, it is best to keep the lamps away from pets as they can try to eat or lick the lamp which may be harmful to their health. First-time users can experience mild sleepiness during the first few days and that is only natural.

  • Can Himalayan salt lamps leak?

Himalayan salt lamps attract moisture from the air makes and convert it into water vapor, which is often misinterpreted as leaking or crying symptoms. But, if your Himalayan salt lamp is leaking it shows that it is authentic and a genuine lamp. There is nothing to worry about that.

  • Can Himalayan salt lamp raise blood pressure?

Too much sodium intake can cause dehydration which can cause a rise in blood pressure and heart palpitations. But, till now there has been no reported case of Himalayan salt lamp solely causing rain in blood pressure.

  • Which Himalayan salt lamp is best?

Our top pick is Lumebience. You can get several types of Himalayan salt lamps but not all of them are authentic and not all of them provides the essential features. And when it comes to picking the right one, it may be a challenging task. But here we have shared the most popular brands manufacturing the best Himalayan Salt lamps.

Himalayan salt lamp five below ones are the best ones till now–

  1. Lumebience
  2. Levoit
  3. Crystal Allies
  4. D’aplomb
  5. Himalayan Glow

According to the Himalayan salt lamp reviews, the brand Lumebience is best in terms of ease of use, functionality, and convenience.

  • When to use a Himalayan salt lamp?

Himalayan salt lamps are best during sleeping times and to aid the sleeping problems. According to Himalayan salt lamp reviews, people use it during meditation and yoga because it purifies the air naturally and helps in relaxing the mind. These days, the Himalayan salt lamps are most popular in spa and wellness centers. These lamps are used for both health benefits and also as home decors.

  • Where do Himalayan salt lamps come from?

Himalayan salt lamp carries mined rock salt crystals. These salts are mined from the mountainous region of Himalayan Mountains and caves. The rocks are pink or orangish in color and come with several healing benefits such as alleviating asthma symptoms and allergies and to purify the air.

  • Where to put the Himalayan salt lamp in the bedroom?

These multipurpose lamps can be placed anywhere depending on the size and ease-of-use. Since these lamps help in balancing electromagnetic radiation, you can place them near large electronics. If you want to enjoy the natural Himalayan glow and set an ambient effect you can opt for small Himalayan salt lamps and place one every 500 square feet. According to Himalayan salt lamp feng shui guideline, it is best to use these lamps at your living room wealthy corner or on your bedside table.

  • Where to buy Himalayan salt lamp near me?

You can get several types of Himalayan salt lamps online and both in the physical stores. But the top brands are not usually available at Walmart but the good news is that you can order them online. Lumebience is a global brand and according to the customer testimonials, it takes only 2 to 5 days to get the product in your hand. Also, they take full liability for the shipment of the product and provide a full 30-day money-back guarantee to their customers.

  • Why Himalayan salt lamp is good for you?

Apart from the fact that Himalayan salt lamps are beautiful home décor, people use these lamps for several health benefits. The Himalayan salt lamps purify air naturally by absorbing the negative energy from the environment. Authentic Himalayan salt lamps also help in relaxing and calming the mind which aids is sleeping and combating depression. All in all, these crystal lamps lift the inner spirit and according to some reviews, it also improves creativity. Several users also use the Himalayan salt lamp for the car as it helps to purify the indoor air and also provide a nice and warm indoor ambient atmosphere.

  • Is Himalayan salt lamp legit?

These days, it is difficult to get authentic Himalayan salt lamps, and many claim to source the crystals from the mountains of Himalaya. Check the certification to determine the legitimacy of the product. Based on the company’s information and certification. Lumebience Himalayans salt lamps are legit and authentically mined.

  • Are Himalayan salt lamps safe for pets?

Yes. Overexposure to Himalayan salt can be dangerous and even fatal to cats and dogs. If pets lick the Himalayan salt it can be hazardous to their health. According to the advocates, all the lamp products from Lumebience are safe for pets but it is recommended to keep them away and at a safe distance.

  • Can Himalayan salt lamp cause headaches?

As mentioned above, Himalayan salt lamps help in relaxing and calming the mind which aids in sleeping. There is no such reported case of these lamps causing the headache.

  • Himalayan salt lamp – can you eat it?

It is never a good idea to eat Himalayan salt rocks. There are also no Himalayan salt lamps available in the market that claims they use food-grade rock salt.

  • Will Himalayan salt lamp run out?

The best advantage of using Himalayan salt lamps is that these lamps stay lifetime provided the fact that you use them with care. The Himalayan rock salts last more than 250 million years and hence the lamp will last a lifetime if you do not mishandle or break the device. If your lamp cries or sweats it doesn’t mean that it is expiring or melting and it’s only natural.

  • Is Himalayan salt lamp effective?

We have explained the scientific explanation behind the health benefits of using the Himalayan salt lamps in this article. And according to more than millions of users, there is some sort of healing benefits when using crystal lamps.

Some users experience health benefits such as relief from cold and cough symptoms or sinus conditions. On the other hand, some users find it beneficial for purifying the air naturally and share the feedback that works better than diffusers. But the most common benefit is that it helps in creating a warm natural glow and a relaxing indoor atmosphere.

Now, it is up to you to explore and in this case, Lumebience is offering a 50% discount for their salt lamp units- try it for yourself and let us know your experience. If it doesn’t work up to your mark and level of satisfaction simply get your refund.

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