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Belly Fat: Is it the Last Fat to Go Away?

Is belly fat the last to go

When you come to read this article, most probably you have already spilled diet plans, advertisements, and videos but wondering why you are not able to get rid of your last few layers of belly fat. Why don’t these annoyances go away that easily? Is belly fat the last to go? Alright, while cursing your body, and your efforts, you must keep some things in your mind.

There is a special kind of cell in your body called, “Fat cell”. Which proportion and opposition are different in different regions in your body. That means if you are focusing on one part of weight loss from your body that is not possible actually. However, you can check the problem by maintaining a proper diet & exercise.

Things you need to know about lower belly fat

There are two types of fat existing in the body. The fat deposited under the skin is known as subcutaneous fat. There is another type of fat that not only surrounds the vital organs but also remains inside. It is called visceral fat. So, your lower belly fat can be a consequence of either visceral or subcutaneous fat.

Alright, You may have done a balanced diet, and expended a lot of hours in workout still your lower belly fat wouldn’t go away. when losing weight is belly fat the last to go? Let me explain the science behind it. Gaining midsection expansion is a combination of hormones & lifestyle. Nowadays, people are stressed out about their poorly maintained lifestyle. They don’t sleep at the right time, they used to get emotional in silly matters.

Being emotional, they tend to eat high-calorie-rich food. Cortisol is known as the stress hormone. It increases appetite & promotes fat storage in the belly. Lack of sleep also stimulates the Ghrelin hormone which stimulates appetite. So the intelligent approach is to sleep well(at least six-eight hours) & take a deep breath rather than stress about the fact when belly fat starts to go away.

Belly pooch: Causes & how to get rid of it?

A lot of moms are really getting worried, after giving birth, about their tummy. What if my lower belly pooch won’t go away! It doesn’t feel great, it doesn’t look great. Their confidence is really getting down after all these changes. Are you searching for the best way to meet those extra fats? But sorry to say that, your lower belly pooch won’t go away that easily.

Women develop belly pooch during pregnancy. They are mainly misguided. There is a belief that for better nourishment of your children you have to double your eating habits. Eating more will give birth to a healthy baby while eating a balanced diet is enough. Nevertheless, extra consumption gives rise to extra belly pooch. What can you do is just balance your diet chart with plenty of fresh vegetables & fruits. Keep yourself hydrated.

There are some other factors also. Elderly priming, as well as multipara women, are more likely to develop belly pooch. Because at that time their metabolism, digestion, and absorption totally slow down. Experts say that the best time for reproduction is the late Twenty and early thirty.

You are pregnant and unenthusiastic to take a glass of water on your own, sitting vagabond in one corner, just maintaining a routine of eat-sleep-eat & repeat doesn’t give you a healthy life rather you will get overweight. Smoking also affects your metabolic process. So, it is strongly prohibited.

6 Reasons why is belly fat always the last to go (Number three will surprise you!)

You are eating too less than your friends. When you are taking only one piece of bread, your younger one eating pizzas, burgers & so on at a time still, they are lean & thin. Well, don’t feel disheartened seeing all these things. Things are not getting out of your hands. Here, I will explain why belly fat is the last to go.

  1. Everyone has a different physique. Their metabolic process is different, storing & distribution of fat is also different. Some people are genetically predisposed to gain fat. Is belly fat the last to go in men? Storing fat in women and men is also different. In women, the first site of accumulation of fat is their breast & buttock. Sometimes also in the thigh. But in the case of men, the site is the chest & belly. That is why belly fat is the last to go in men. 
  2. I have previously described hormonal effects on the fat increase. But there are two other important types. Estrogen & Testosterone also stimulate fat accumulation.
  3. There is an interesting fact that wherever you go whether it is in the sky gravity always puts you down. The same physics also works here. Gravity tends to store fat in the lower parts of your body. For this, abdominal fat is the last to go.
  4. While you are tensed about this fat, you will be happy to know one fact. Your body itself sometimes resists letting away abdominal fat because it gives protection to your abdominal viscera.
  5. Fat breaks down in a single term it is known as lipolysis. Blood itself carried out the end product of lysis throughout the whole body. There is less blood supply in the abdominal region especially in the midsection so the process is also hampering.
  6. Eating habits and lifestyles have a great impact on it. Think, you have a habit of eating frequently at the same time you have to do extremely hard work. The calories you gain melt immediately thus a balance is maintained. But if you eat less but lead a sedentary lifestyle you are more probable to gain weight.

When Does Your Belly Fat Start to Go away?

Your mind may be stuck on a point, when does your belly fat start to go away finally. Your body has some parameters to measure. Among them, waist circumference is the conventional type of parameter to measure your belly fat. Its decline is a sign of reducing your belly fat.

How to get rid of belly fat in the shortest possible time?

Alright, you are all set to declare a battle against your stubborn belly fat. Let me make it easier for you. Here I come with some simple techniques that are really worth doing. Is belly fat the last to go on a diet? Have a look at it.

Before starting anything, you have to keep one thing in your mind losing belly fat depends on 80% on choosing the right diet plan & 20 % on a few exercises. You should also set a goal about how to start and where to start. In this part, I will give you some scientifically proven tips on how to lose belly fat fast.

Improve your eating habits.

Here, I am not going to give you a list of food that you should eat or not, but I will focus on quantity. And that is very important. In order to check your appetite, you can focus on chewing. Yes, It can trigger your satiety center and gives you a sense of fullness.

People think that cutting off carbs is the fastest way of losing belly fat. But it will bring ill-health at the end of the day. Then what will be the smartest option? You should eat more fiber-rich food. That is actually proven by science that the fiber-rich food binds with the water & slows your digestion process. All kinds of fruits & fresh vegetables are highly recommended for it.

Improve your sleep pattern

You should emphasize on your sleeping pattern. I have already described to you the reason. Yes, in order to check your cortisol level I will recommend you sleep a maximum of 8 hours. 

Avoid taking salt & Sugar

Studies have found that sugar increases your cravings for food thus increasing your fat layers. The same problem is associated with salt. Salt is responsible for your watery weight. So I will suggest you drink sugar-free tea (green tea is highly recommended ) & black coffee. 

Avoid taking all kinds of alcoholic beverages

Studies have also found that alcohol has a strong relation with developing belly fat. I am not telling you to set it apart for your entire life but for a certain period. It really helps you.

Change your workout pattern periodically

You have gone through a lot of articles & you have already searched a lot on youtube, shows yoga & workout videos but still Can’t help to melt your last few layers of belly fat. That is because our body is an expert in adaptation.

When you start any workout they show you a quick result but after keep it doing over a longer period makes your muscle & body reluctant. And that’s why rather than suggesting some specific exercise I will suggest it do whatever goes with your body but change it periodically. It also helps you lose bit of belly fat in bodybuilding.

Can belly fat last to go keto?

It can either choose a ketogenic diet or keto pills. How does it work? We all know that a major portion of our energy comes from carbohydrates. But in the case of the keto plan, the body burns fat instead of carbs to gain energy.

Bottom Line

In The end, Now, you are acknowledged with the fact when losing weight, why is belly fat the last to go. All I can say is that success has no shortcuts. So, kick away your frustration and follow the above guidelines. Before quitting, just think once, about how nice you will look to fit in your favorite outfits!

The FAQs of Belly Fat

1. Is the stomach the last place to lose belly fat?

Answer: Things are very simple here. We all know that whatever we eat is digested in the stomach & in the intestine. So, major portions of fat accumulation also involve this area. But don’t be upset! You can fix it as well.

Though it requires a long time, you have to be patient. You have to maintain consistency in what you are doing whether maintaining diet or exercise.

2. Where does your belly fat go when you lose it?

Answer: The end product of fat in your body is carbon dioxide & water. There is a term called insensible water loss. That means some of this water loss through sweats, some are through urine. The rest product the carbon dioxide is lost through your lungs.

There is another Opinion I found regarding this. This study says as your belly fat is nothing but a mass of fat cells. So when you begin to work out or diet the fat cell shrinks and ultimately changes the body composition.

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