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Does sperm smell when it dies? Factors that cause this smell

Money people are complaining about the sperm odor. They mainly acquire, “Does sperm smell when it dies?” When the smell of the sperm becomes more substantial and prolonged, it causes issues for any individual.

So the question arises, does sperm smell when it dies? Yes, there can be different reasons behind this smell. Besides, many factors contribute to the scent. In most cases, you can control it by keeping track of your food intake and consumption details. There are many other reasons why a man suffers from a lousy sperm smell.

Wondering does sperm smell when it dies? Here are a few details you need to know about the appearance, smell, and lifespan of sperm.

Sperm Smell

Sperm Smell

Sperms have a different smell that varies from bleachy to fishy. Its also determined by many other factors like health conditions, lifestyle adaptations, and diet. In addition, there are many changes that you can make to overcome the issue.

During ejaculation, a man releases millions of sperm every time. Some people don’t smell their sperm, but most people do.

Normal Smell

The typical sperm smell is like chlorine or bleach that can be picked up in the hospital, laundry rooms, swimming rooms, and hospital. The ammonia and other sterile-smelling alkaloids in semen give it a bleachy smell. However, almost 1 in 5 people don’t have this smell. That’s why some men and women think sperms don’t smell at all.

Here are a few factors that influence the smell of your sperm. But still, more research is needed to verify it.

  • When you ejaculate after an extended time, your sperm will have a more pungent smell.
  • Your eating and drinking habits can result in changing the smell of your sperm. It’s said that eating a lot of sweet fruit can change the scent of your sperm.
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption can make your ejaculation smell bitter.
  • The quality and quantity of your ejaculation affect the smell of the sperm.
  • Your medicines and overall health can make your sperm smell stronger.

Abnormal Smell

If your sperm or semen smells fishy or foul, its color will change into red, brown, yellow, or green. It shows that you may have an infection generally occurring in the male productive organs or the prostate gland. It’s not normal, and you should consult a doctor immediately.

Does sperm smell when it dies?

When a sperm dies, it gets dried, forming a filmy light covering it. It’s an outward sign of sperm decomposition, making it smell more pungent. If the sperm dies before getting dried, it can smell awful.

Factors that cause the abnormal smell of sperm

Many different factors in our lifestyle can make the sperms smell stronger at specific times. It includes the food or water intake, any drugs or medications you are using, or how often the person cums.

  • Dehydration

A strong sperm smell is a symptom of dehydration. Drinking plenty of water is essential as it also improves your health. Without water, your body can suffer, and it will also affect your sperm. If you are not drinking enough water, your body wouldn’t be able to filter the toxins out of your body. It will leave many products that will make your sperms smell more robust.

  • Diet

Diet has a significant role in the smell of sperm. Some specific foods can cause a more pungent smell if you eat them in large amounts, even though there are healthy or nutritious fruits. Many people say that overeating fruit makes sperm smell and taste sweeter.

It’s vital to eat a healthy diet as it can affect your whole mood and significantly influence your life. Your balance diet will benefit the living quality of your life.

  • Ejaculation frequency

The ejaculation frequency can also influence the smell of the sperm. The less the person is ejaculating, the stronger smell he can have. It is probably a big reason people recommend ejaculation at least twice a week, especially if he wants his sperm not to smell that bad.

That is why having plenty of safe sex is considered healthy.

  • Smoking, drugs, medicine, or health issues

Being on a particular medication or having a specific health issue can make your sperm smell stronger. Drinking, smoking, and being on drugs can also make your sperms smell stronger. The things mentioned above can also affect your overall health and immune system. It makes your body grind harder to do everyday tasks.

At the same time, other body organs may not perform optimally like your sperm.


Does sperm smell bad when it dies?

The smell of the sperm can change when it gets mixed with other substances like urine and sweat. It can also have a different smell when it dries out. Dried semen generally has a stronger and more noticeable smell. The pH of the semen can also affect the scent of the sperm, and the change in pH will change the smell.

What is the typical smell of sperm?

Semen generally has a slight ammonia or bleach-like smell. With the dietary changes, the smell and taste of semen will also change. For example, eating more asparagus will have a similar change in the smell of the sperm, like the smell of urine.

What does it means if your sperm smell bad?

Semen is usually grey or white in the fluid that carries the sperm. The sperms have a light chlorine-like smell. In the case of STIs (Sexually transmitted diseases), the sperm can change color to green or yellow and will have an unpleasant rotten odor.


Does sperm smell when it dies? In typical cases, sperm doesn’t have such a noticeable smell; if it does, it can be a symptom of an infection or any underlying condition. Sometimes it is the result of an unhealthy diet or an unhealthy lifestyle.

Many people describe the smell of their sperm as a chlorine cleanser, pool water, or fresh oysters. Different ways can help you low down the smell of the sperm. It includes the ejaculation of the sperm at least twice a week to keep it fresh. You can also improve your diet and avoid alcohol, caffeine, and drugs. Make sure to drink enough water daily.

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