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Can You Eat Pizza After a Tooth Extraction?

If you recently had a wisdom tooth removed, you might wonder if you can still eat pizza. Here’s what you should know. This article on eating pizza after wisdom tooth removal will cover tips and tricks for eating pizza after wisdom tooth removal.

Eating hard food such as burger and pizza after the first week of a tooth being pulled is not recommended. It is wise to wait at least a week to let your gums heal. Hard foods can damage gums and cause infections. You must eat soft and liquid foods during the first week after the procedure.

When removing your teeth, watch what you eat to avoid damaging the recently exposed gums. Chips, biscuits, and other crunchy foods like them should be avoided after getting a tooth removed.

To learn what to consider when eating pizza and other foods like it after having wisdom teeth removed, continue reading this article.

Can you eat a pizza after a tooth extraction?

Eating hard, scorching hot, and spicy foods like pizza right after tooth removal can be very dangerous. This is why you should wait for a minimum of seven days to eat hard foods to let your gums harden a bit first. When you remove a tooth, it exposes the soft and fragile gums underneath it. This leaves the gums exposed and highly vulnerable to damage and, worst cases, infections.

How long after tooth extraction can I eat pizza?

If you’ve recently had your wisdom teeth pulled and are curious, “When can I eat pizza after wisdom teeth removal?” this is the article for you.

It would help if you only considered eating pizza six days after wisdom tooth removal. It is hard compared to refrigerated foods and can cause damage to the surgical site. Furthermore, it would help if you only consumed baked pizza because it is softer and much less likely to harm your mouth.

It can sometimes take over two weeks before someone can eat crunchy food after having teeth removed. You must pay attention to not eating hard foods to be careful not to cause cuts on the exposed gums and get them infected.

But it should be fine if you eat pizza after a tooth extraction if the pizza is soft and does not include any hard toppings, such as crunchy veggies or hard meat.

How to eat pizza after a tooth extraction?

Some factors must be considered before you start eating pizza after tooth extraction. You will have to start slowly by eating soft foods such as applesauce, soup, and pudding. You should also avoid eating spicy or fatty foods during the first few days after the extraction.

The first thing to consider is that eating pizza right after wisdom teeth removal is not a good idea. It will exacerbate any dental problems or wounds. Also, eating pizza after removing a wisdom tooth can lengthen your recovery time and even jeopardize your costly procedure.

What will happen if I eat pizza too soon after tooth extraction?

In order to give you a more realistic idea about the potential dangers of eating hot, spicy, and hard foods after tooth extraction, we have prepared a brief list explaining the potential dangers.

The list of potential dangers of eating hot, spicy, and hard foods like pizza is as follows:

  • Bleeding: When you eat hot and hard pizza after your teeth surgery, you may experience bleeding inside your mouth! Gum bleeding occurs when pizza touches the vulnerable part of your gums, and it is strongly advised that you see a dentist resolve the issue.
  • Pain: You may experience pain in your surgery spot after eating pizza, which is not surprising, given that hard and crunchy foods can cause major pain and discomfort in your gums.
  • Swelling: While swelling is common after oral surgery, eating solid and crunchy foods following the procedure can cause more severe swelling.
  • Infection: if you still keep eating hard pizza by pushing through the pain and swelling, your exposed gum will likely become infected. Once your gum becomes infected, you will have a very hard time eating any food, let alone eat a hot and crunchy pizza. You will need to rush to your dentist as soon as you feel your gum might be infected.

What type of food should I eat after teeth extraction?

Always avoid scorching hot, hard, and crunchy foods after tooth extraction. It would be best to avoid these foods because they can seriously damage your gums.

Scorching food can cause gum burn; crunchy food can cause gum cuts and, as a result, bleeding; and hard food can cause severe gum pain.

This is why you should only eat liquid, soft, and lukewarm foods like soups, puddings, applesauce, mashed potatoes, and ice cream because they do not put pressure on your gums. Concentrate on liquid meals for the first couple days after removing your teeth. Food groups that are too hot or cold may dislodge clots, so keep them lukewarm.


We all get wisdom teeth sooner or later in our lives. For the sake of our well-being, they always need to be removed. Wisdom tooth removal is an inevitable part of life. Besides that, it can also impact the person undergoing the procedure. Furthermore, the person who has had their teeth extracted will be unable to eat their favorite hard foods.

But can you eat pizza after a wisdom tooth extraction? The reason people shouldn’t eat hard foods after recently having their teeth removed is a no-brainer. You can seriously damage your gums and cause infections if you eat hard and crunchy foods immediately after removing a tooth.

It would be beneficial to avoid eating your favorite foods, such as pizza, for at least 6 days after the procedure and after your gums have had adequate time to heal. Before that, only try to consume soft, lukewarm, or cold foods and liquids such as soups, ice cream, pudding, etc.

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