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Onnit Alpha Brain Reviews: All That You Need To Know About Alpha Brain Memory & Focus

Onnit Alpha Brain Reviews

If you are a Joe Rogan fan or an ardent follower of the Audrey Marcus podcasts, we hardly need to limelight about the leading nutritional supplement brand, Onnit Labs Inc. It is a worldwide renowned lifestyle brand with designer supplements to designer fitness apparel for total human performance. Alpha Brain and Alpha Instant from Onnit Labs Inc is a highly-acclaimed brain supplement.

With more than a million of the products sold, we think it is time to review Onnit Labs Alpha Brain. In this Onnit Alpha Brain Review, we will keep it point-specific to the supplement. You will know the benefits, the side effects of Onnit Alpha Brain supplement, celebrity reviews, and our final verdict regarding it. Learn More From The Onnit Alpha Brain Official Website >>

Without further ado, let’s get to the point- what is Alpha Brain? How does it work, and how it differs from other nootropics? Here you will know everything regarding Alpha Brain and also about the Onnit Alpha Brain alternatives.

What is Onnit Alpha Brain?

If you are looking for a proven nootropic supplement that works, it’s the Alpha Brain by Onnit Labs Inc. It is a cognitive enhancing formula and the only one nootropic supplement that is clinically-studied (with the published record) in the market.

Alpha Brain is designed and manufactured by Onnit Labs Inc, a highly-acclaimed peak performance brand based in Austin, Texas. Hence, it is often termed as – “a designer nootropic supplement.” It is challenging to summarize the brand in one to three sentences as Onnit is a lifestyle brand, and its journey stretches back to years ago. But, if the Ayahuasca retreat sounds similar to you, you must already know about Aubrey Marcus- the founder of Onnit Labs Inc.

Alpha Brain is the creation of Onnit Labs Inc. and endorsed by Joe Rogan, the all-rounder and currently the brand’s partner. The story of Alpha Brain stretches back to Aubrey Marcus’s relation with Joe Rogan. During a conversation, he asked Joe Rogan what supplement he would want the most.

In answer, Joe Rogan replied that he would want a 100% natural nootropic supplement that is sourced from hand-picked herbs and plants. It should go beyond traditional multivitamins and combine the best of the herbs for peak mental performance. Aubrey Marcus spent months working on the Alpha Brain.

He talked to doctors and spent his resources formulating the nootropic supplement that he would be confident. When shipping the prototype to Joe, he made sure that it is not just another nootropic supplement but the best cognitive enhancer that delivers optimum results. So, Onnit Alpha Brain is one of the featured and most successful nootropic supplements in the market. Today, Alpha Brain is prevalent among athletes, gamers, and entrepreneurs and popular among fitness enthusiasts.

So, what is Alpha Brain? From the marketing perspective, it is mentioned that Alpha Brain supports memory and focus, and that is why it is often known as Alpha Brain Memory & Focus. The name explains it all. The supplement helps to enhance your concentration at the work that you are doing.

According to Onnit Labs, Alpha Brain works best with New Mood because, after a great productive day, you would often want to relax, and that’s when New Mood becomes helpful. But we will get to the part of – Onnit Alpha Brain and New Mood in the end section. For now, let’s know how the Alpha Brain works.

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How Onnit Alpha Brain Works

Onnit Alpha Brain supplement helps promote the alpha waves in the brain. A greater alpha wave in the brain means greater creativity and productivity. A boost in alpha brain wave feels like mindfulness – the moment when you are not focusing too hard, but you are entirely calmly occupied with your task.

This type of feeling is what you can relate to the sense of ‘in the zone”. That’s how Onnit Alpha Brain works. It helps you accomplish the task you have dreading about by tuning out the distractions and keeping you focused. The Alpha Brain formula helps activate the alpha brain wave and supports a healthy pathway for neurotransmission (the body’s natural process of transmitting information through the nervous system). That is how this designer cognitive enhance works. We can further understand the supplement’s mechanism of action by knowing about the Ingredients.

Onnit Alpha Brain Mechanism of Action: The Alpha Brain Blend

The composition of the Alpha Brain formula is divided into three proprietary blends know as the Onnit Blend. The Onnit Flow Blend, the Focus Blend, and the Onnit Fuel Blend. The Onnit Flow Blend consists of herbs and essential amino acid that helps activate the alpha brain wave.

The AC-11 supports the Flow blend – a patented bio-extract of the Cat’s Claw’s inner bark to help support optimum cell function of the brain. The Onnit Focus blend targets for body’s optimum Acetylcholine levels.

The focus blend carries powerful nootropics that aids the body make acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is essential for neurotransmission. The final blend, known as the Onnit Fuel blend, helps cover the deficiency for healthy brain function to protect and maintain the brain. This is how the Onnit Alpha Brain content is designed and formulated, and this is how the mechanism of the action takes the phase.

Onnit Alpha Brain Ingredients List

Now that you know the mechanism of action of the Onnit Alpha Brain, it is time to learn about the components inside. Onnit Alpha Brain is formulated with 11 particular ingredients. Note that the formula is the same for the Onnit Alpha Brain supplements and the Onnit Alpha Brain Instant (a designer nootropic drink, wait for it)!

These components are listed on the Alpha Brain supplement facts and also on the website. We know for sure that the market researchers will be happy to get this particular list to compare with nootropic supplements. For instance, you will need it when researching for Onnit Alpha Brain VS Mind Lab Pro. So, here is the Onnit Alpha Brain Ingredient list-

  1. L-Theanine
  2. L-Tyrosine
  3. Phosphatidylserine
  4. Oat Straw Extract
  5. Cat’s Claw Extract
  6. Alpha-GPC
  7. Huperzia Serrata
  8. Bacopa
  9. L-Leucine

As mentioned above, to understand how a nootropic supplement works, we need to analyze the ingredients. The Onnit Alpha Brain’s best part is that it is clinically-studied, and the biomedical paper is published in reputable Journals as the U.S. National Institute of Health’s National Library in other respectable journals. Before navigating to the clinical evidence of the nootropic ingredients present in the Onnit Alpha Brain content, let’s first know about the Onnit Alpha Brain Study.

The Onnit Alpha Brain Study

The Onnit Alpha Brain Study stands as the only and the first-ever medically published paper [Source] on the nootropic supplement’s efficacy. If you are wondering- does Onnit Alpha Brain work? This clinical study is enough to shed some light on the formula’s scientific explanation.

The Onnit Alpha Brain Study was published in 2016, and it stands as an essential data and evidence-based intervention on the nootropic supplement, the Alpha Brain by Onnit Labs. It was a randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled clinical trial involving 63 participants. It was a 6-week long program in which the participants took the placebo test consecutively before taking the nootropic supplement.

As a key measure, the participants were given several neuropsychological tests and assessments in 2-week and 6-weeks. It was observed that the participants who took the Alpha Brain supplement showed significant improvement in cognitive skills, particularly in verbal memory recall, compared with placebo.

The statistical result is that the participants who took Onnit Alpha Brain for six weeks improved executive functioning skills (verbal recall) by 12% and a 21% increase in speed processing (fast response time to solving the assessment tests) compared with placebo.

Furthermore, the participants were also given an Electroencephalogram (ECG) test to evaluate the alpha brain wave function. It was observed from the ECG test that the participants taking the supplement showed higher peak frequency in the Alpha Wavelength. That explains how the Onnit Alpha Brain works.

Now that you know the clinical-findings and evidence that the Onnit Alpha Brain is proven to work let’s know point-specific about the nootropic present in the supplement.

Clinical Evidence of the Onnit Alpha Brain Ingredients

This section will help understand the mechanism of the Onnit Alpha Brain components and why the ingredients are essential. Furthermore, we can also understand the benefits of the Alpha Brain supplement from these points.

  1. L-Theanine

L-Theanine present in the Onnit Alpha Brain content is an essential amino acid that helps stimulate adrenaline and dopamine in the brain. The amino acid L-Theanine works to induce dopamine and serotonin in the body [Source], which aids the brain to communicate and think clearly. A 2020 study published by the National Institute of Mental Health found that participants with higher dopamine levels are likely to focus more on mental tasks and activities. [Source]

  1. L-Tyrosine

L-Tyrosine is yet another essential amino acid that converts into dopamine. L-Tyrosine boosts energy levels and helps the brain perform at its best during tense or stressed situations. Research also shows that L-Tyrosine improves concentration during mental tasks and challenges and is beneficial for cognitive performance. [Source]

  1. Phosphatidylserine

Phosphatidylserine is a fatty substance that protects and covers the brain’s cells and the central nervous system’s peripherals. It is essential for protecting the brain – but researchers from Mayo Clinic found that Phosphatidylserine can also improve cognitive function and memory in people with a memory problem. [Source] Interestingly, Phosphatidylserine is itself sold as brain pills in the market.

  1. Oat Straw Extract

It is one of the most popular ingredients which you will find in brain supplements. The work of the extract in the Onnit Alpha Brain content is to promote cognitive functions. [Source]

  1. The Ac-11® Cat’s Claw Extract

A proprietary extract further supports Onnit Alpha Brain – the Ac-11® sourced from the inner bark of the Uncaria Tomentosa, a woody vine from the Amazon rainforest. The bio-extracted form Ac-11® is clinically-proven to repair DNA cells and support the body with a natural cell regeneration process. [Source]

  1. Alpha-GPC

Another term of Alpha-GPC is L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine, which is essential for the brain. This compound aids the production of acetylcholine. [Source]

  1. Bacopa Extract

The extract from the perennial herb Bacopa is beneficial for promoting neurotransmission. Research [source] shows that it also helps in speed processing (shorten the reaction time).

  1. Vitamin B6

Onnit Alpha Brain content is further supported by Vitamin B6, which aids in enhancing the brain function’s metabolism. Research shows that Vitamin B6 also helps create neurotransmitters and regulate the dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain. [Source]

  1. Huperzia Serrata Extract

The Huperzia Serrata extract helps treat memory problems [Source] and maintains the optimum level of acetylcholine.

  1. Pterostilbene

In laboratory terms, it is a molecule with a high absorbing rate. Pterostilbene works as an antioxidant compound in the Onnit Alpha Brain and helps protect brain cells. Researchers found that it has clinical benefits to control blood pressure and improve oxidative stress. [Source]

  1. L-Leucine

L-Leucine is an amino acid essential for cellular integrity, metabolism, and tissue regeneration. [Source]

Onnit Alpha Brain Benefits

By now, if you read how the Alpha Brain works and how the components and the compounds of the blend play role – you already have an idea of the benefits. But, let’s recap the particular advantages of taking Onnit Alpha Brain, and let’s start with the clinically-proven ones.

All in all, it is a cognitive enhancing supplement that helps support the brain for peak performance.

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Onnit Alpha Brain Review Side Effects

What are the risks associated with taking Alpha Brain supplements? This section explains the side effects and risks of taking Onnit Alpha Brain supplement.

According to the published clinical trial and the study on the supplement’s efficacy, there are no reports on Onnit Alpha Brain side effects. Furthermore, it is a designer nootropic supplement backed by extensive researches and clinical trials, and till now, there is no report on the side effects.

Onnit Alpha Brain comes from a reputable lifestyle brand. It is certified by the Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG), confirming that the Alpha Brain is free from stimulants, banned substances, and even caffeine. Moreover, the Alpha Brain Memory & Focus is taken by athletes, golf players, and Olympic Champions. Based on vigorous tests by top anti-doping labs from the U.S., it is safe and carries no harmful content.

So, Onnit Alpha Brain is a 100% safe nootropic supplement. According to some of the alpha brain memory & focus reviews, you can expect some common side effects as with any nootropic supplements. That is why it is essential to strictly abide by the Onnit Alpha Brain directions regarding the dosage to avoid unexpected side effects.

The recommended Onnit Alpha Brain dosage is to take two capsules, one in the morning and once at night, preferably with a meal. According to Onnit labs alpha brain reviews, if you follow the guideline and strictly abide by it, there is less chance of getting any adverse effects.

Onnit Alpha Brain’s negative side effects are common among people who are new to nootropic supplements. And just with any other supplements, it depends on several factors such as – your pre-existing condition, genetic factors, medical interactions, mixing it with other nootropics, and overdosage.

Side Effects That You Can Expect From Onnit Alpha Brain

Based on complaints, reviews, and user-experience, here are the common side effects that you can expect from nootropic supplements and the reasons behind them.

It is easy to feel nauseous, and Onnit Alpha Brain vomit syndrome is expected if you take the supplement on an empty stomach and have a pre-existing digestive issue.

While the stomachache is due to explained above, Onnit Alpha Brain headache is also expected to due to a similar reason. If you find this effect persisting for more than a couple of days, you must check with your doctor or try for Onnit Alpha Brain alternatives.

According to a few of the Onnit Alpha Brain reviews and also the facts from the clinical paper, the supplement is designed to combat stress and anxiety. Onnit Alpha Brain promotes alpha brain waves and enhances cognitive skills by inducing and regulating the brain’s dopamine level. So, you are not supposed to feel anxious or stressed. Onnit Alpha Brain and New Moods work better if you want to take down a notch for the day.

Interestingly, some users claim to have lucid dreams after taking Onnit Alpha Brain right before hitting the bed. Having lucid dreams is sometimes considered an adventurous and interesting concept, while to some others, it is not pleasant. If you want to avoid getting lucid dreams, take the supplement before evening- at least a few hours before going to bed.

According to the official website and as written in the Onnit Alpha Brain supplement facts, you must consult with a doctor if you are pregnant and consider taking nootropic supplements.

Onnit Alpha Brain Pros and Cons

You will want to know about the Onnit Alpha Brain pros and cons compared to other nootropics in the market. So here the positive points and the drawbacks to the Alpha Brain Memory & Focus-

The pros:

The Cons:

Onnit Alpha Brain Competitors

Based on our extensive research, we found Onnit Alpha Brain as the first-ever nootropic supplement with evidence-based literature paper published in respectable medical journals. It is popular and endorsed by MMA champions, performance coaches, entrepreneurs, and talent heads.

That said, it is actually the price and specific other facts that make us look for Onnit Alpha Brain alternatives and competitors. So, here is a side-by-side comparison among the most searched brands with Alpha Brain-

Mind Lab pro carries similar nootropics and ingredients as Onnit Alpha Brain. The price of Mind Lab Pro is also very much near to Alpha Brain. Both of them have 11 nootropics. The only thing that Mind Lab Pro misses is that we couldn’t find any officially published medical paper on its efficacy or the cognitive enhancement claims.

On the other hand, Onnit Alpha Brain raids as the first-ever clinically-proven nootropic supplement. Apart from these facts, both the brands come with good ratings, positive feedback, and are considered the best nootropics in the market.

Neuro peak is another nootropic supplement that claims to enhance cognitive functions. There are mixed opinions regarding it, and we found some complaints. Accordingly, Onnit Alpha Brain tops the list because the user ratings and feedbacks are better.

If you are looking for a clinically-proven nootropic supplement that works as a better alternative to Adderall, then Onnit Alpha Brain is it is. A recent (2020) study published on the National Institute of Mental Health found that these drugs work by influencing the motivation level through increasing the dopamine in the brain. [source].

What can be better than a 100% natural, drug-free alternative to Adderall than the Alpha Brain by Onnit Labs?! This is the first-ever clinically proven nootropic supplement with proven efficacy in enhancing cognitive function.

We have already explained about Onnit Alpha Brain study and how it works in the above sections. Alpha Brain is a designer nootropic and healthy choice for those who want to give up Adderall.

Onnit Alpha Brain Selectable Reviews

As mentioned above, Onnit Alpha Brain is the most popular nootropic supplement. With more than a million of this product sold, you will get tons of reviews on Alpha Brain. Here we share three of the best Onnit Alpha Brain reviews- two from renowned figures and one from a random marketplace.

“There are no superstitions or rituals that I follow, but I have to have two things. Coffee and my Alpha Brain are the two things that are a must for me. It’s science itself.” – Brendon Schwab, Buffalo Bill’s member, and top-ranked UFC heavy contender.

“I take Onnit Alpha Brain every single time I need to perform my best – whether on the mats or the camera. I don’t know what I would do without Alpha Brain.”- Whitney Miller, 2012 Miss United States.

“Alpha Brain helps me stay active and focused more than 6 hours after taking it. It helped me cope up with my mental anxieties. The lucid dream is a true fact, but I take it because it helps to speed my thoughts.” – Jeremy Knowles, Ontario.

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Onnit Alpha Brain Where to Buy

You may look for Onnit Alpha Brain in stores, and for that, you can search for Onnit Alpha Brain near me. Next, you would want to think about Onnit Alpha Brain Walmart options. Well, it is available, but the price differs from one seller to another.

What about Onnit Alpha Brain Walgreens? The short answer is, it’s not available at Walgreens. Speaking of which, you can get it from the CVS store. In fact, your Onnit Alpha Brain CVS store options are plenty. But not similar to the privileges and the reward points you get when you order it from the official website.

When it comes to ordering Onnit Alpha Brain online, you would think about Amazon. But according to customer insights and our extensive research, you won’t get any rewards when you go for Onnit Alpha Brain Amazon. It also makes no sense to look for Onnit Alpha Brain on eBay. If you have to order it online, try Onnit Alpha Brain Whole Food Market or the Onnit Alpha Brain Vitamin Shoppe.

In case you are looking forward to getting the latest Onnit Alpha Brain promotional codes or discounts, the official website is the best place for you.

The best way to get access to the nearest store selling it is to use the Onnit Alpha Brain Store locator. You can quickly get the store locator from the official website. It must be mentioned that the Onnit Alpha Brain store locator does an excellent job of finding the nearest physical store selling the Onnit supplements near you. And once you try the Onnit Alpha Brain locator, you will be amazed to see that it is available to more than 20 countries.

By navigating the Onnit Alpha Brain store locator from the website, you found a list of authorized Onnit Alpha Brain retailers worldwide. The worldwide information for authorized Onnit retailers are as follow-

You don’t have to look for the authorized Onnit retailer if you are purchasing it outside the United States. You will get access to the retailer automatically when you order it from the official Onnit website.

Onnit Alpha Brain Price

Currently, the price of Onnit Alpha Brain 90 CT is $79.95 for a one-time purchase, but you can save a 15% discount and get it at $67.95 if you select the subscription option from the official website. The price of Onnit Alpha Brain 30 CT is $34.95 for a one-time purchase, and you can get in at $29.71 if you choose to subscribe.

Note that the above price list is officially disclosed on the Onnit Alpha Brain website. If you want to get Onnit Alpha Brain trial offers or discounts, don’t forget to check the official site.

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Onnit Alpha Brain Instant Memory & Focus

There are currently two versions of Alpha Brain from Onnit Labs. One is the supplement that we explained in detail above, and another one is Onnit Alpha Brain Instant Memory & Focus.

Alpha Brain Instant is a nootropic drink consisting of the Onnit Alpha Brain powder.

The Onnit Alpha Brain Instant ingredients are the same as the Onnit Alpha Brain pills. There are more than five amazing flavors of the Alpha Brain Instant. So, if swallowing pills sounds like a chore, then look no further than the Alpha Brain Instant. The price of the Onnit Alpha Brain Instant pouch is currently $59.75.

According to Onnit Alpha Brain Instant review, you can get Onnit Alpha Brain instant free trial when purchasing any of the Onnit Supplements from the official website. The good news is you can also get access to the Onnit Alpha Brain Golden Ticket if you take part in the Onnit 6 Challenge, which will take place in 2021. The grand prize winners will get $6000 cash plus $1000 in-store credit! What more can you ask?!

Onnit Alpha Brain Reviews – Final Words

In this Onnit Alpha Brain review, we did best in comprising all the essential information you need for this designer nootropic supplement. But please share your experience or useful information to keep it more updated. If you are looking for Onnit Alpha Brain golden tick or promotional code- here’s what you should know. Starting date and for more details, you can visit the official website. anyone can participate in the Onnit 6 challenge. The grand prize winners will get $1000 in-store credit, which means you get free Onnit Alpha Brain for a lifetime!

FAQ’s About Onnit Alpha Brain

Answer: Alpha Brain is a nootropic (cognitive enhancing) supplement from the leading peak performance brand, Onnit Labs Inc. It is deemed the best nootropic supplement because it is clinically-studied, endorsed by sports champions, and sold over a million.

Onnit Alpha Brain is the first-ever nootropic supplement to have published medical literature regarding its efficacy in enhancing cognitive functions. As per the official disclosure, this nootropic supplement supports memory, focus, and specific cognitive skills for optimum mental performance.

Answer: Onnit Alpha Brain carries proprietary Onnit Blends comprising of 11 natural nootropic ingredients. Both the Alpha Brain pills and the Alpha Brain Instant consist of the same components as the Onnit Alpha Brain proprietary formula. The ingredients are – L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine, Phosphatidylserine, Oat Straw Extract, Cat’s Claw Extract, Alpha-GPC, Huperzia Serrata, Bacopa, Vitamin B6, Pterostilbene L-Leucine.

Answer: Onnit Alpha Brain helps support memory and focus level and cognitive processing speed of the brain. It can help you perform better at mental tasks and think clearly when under stress. It also protects and maintains the cellular integrity of the brain.

Answer: According to the users taking Alpha Brain, you can expect the effect to last for more than five to six hours. According to Onnit Labs Inc., it depends on the user and the pre-existing condition of the health.

Answer: According to Onnit Alpha Brain instructions, you should take two Alpha Brain capsules, one in the morning and one in the evening, preferably with a meal. If you intend to increase the dosage, please follow safety protocols and speak with a doctor.

Answer: Onnit Alpha Brain is formulated with 100% natural ingredients. It is the first-ever nootropic supplement with clinical evidence and medical literature published in most reputable journals. Till today, there is no clinical report on adverse effects when taking the supplement. So, Onnit Alpha Brain is safe. Moreover, it is taken by famous sportspersons, and hence it is extensively researched by top anti-doping laps in the United States. Based on the reports, Onnit Alpha Brain is free from drugs or any stimulants. Thus, it is safe.

Answer: Onnit Alpha Brain is not approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Usually, The Banned Substances and Control Group, the state’s toxicology lab, approves and certifies nootropic supplements. Onnit Alpha Brain is certified to be free from drugs and stimulants.

Answer: Alpha Brain is a legit product from a world-renowned peak performance brand Onnit Labs Inc. based in Texas. It is also endorsed by Joe Morgan, all-rounder, famous personality and renowned champions, fitness entrepreneurs, and even athletes.

Answer: Yes, according to the website and the Onnit Alpha Brain supplement facts, it is vegan.

Answer: Onnit Alpha Brain is free from stimulants and caffeine.

Answer: According to the Onnit Labs support group, it is best to discard dietary supplements after two to three years. The Onnit Alpha Brain shelf life is for two years, starting from the manufacturing date.

Answer: You can get Alpha brain for sale from the official website. If you want to buy it from the nearest physical store, you can use the Onnit Alpha Brain store locator from the website.

Answer: Onnit Alpha Brain customer support number is +1-855-666-4899 and email address-

Locstion address-

Onnit, 4401 Freidrich Ln.
Suite 302
Austin, TX 78744 USA

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