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Can anxiety cause the right bundle branch block?

Can anxiety cause the right bundle branch block?

Every person is afraid of getting ill significantly when it is compromising the health of their heart. It’s understandable as the heart is the engine of the body. When the heart stops, there is nothing left in the body.

The right bundle branch block is the obstacle in the right bundle branch that can delay the heartbeat signal and make it out of sync with the left bundle branch. It results in creating an irregular heartbeat.

Unfortunately, the right bundle branch is an intrusive condition that can cause potential harm and is among the most concerning. Let’s find out; “Can anxiety cause the right bundle branch block?”

What is the right bundle branch block?

The right bundle branch block is an obstacle in your right bundle branch that results in a late heartbeat signal being out of sync with the left bundle branch. The out-of-sync signals result in an irregular beat.

Electrical signals in our heart work as a pacemaker that controls the heartbeat. The signals start in the Sinotrial node, which guides your upper right and left heart chambers to contract. Next, these signals go to the left and right ventricles.

These electrical signals in your heart act like a pacemaker to maintain the heartbeats. The movements start in the SA node that tells the right and left atria to contract. Next, these signals go to the SA node. It tells about your left and right atria to contract. Next, the bundle branches and the AV node catch these signals that tighten your left and right ventricles.

Generally, the signal goes down simultaneously in both bundle branches as both ventricles work simultaneously; when the signal goes down in the right bundle branch a little slower than the left bundle branch, the proper ventricle contracts later than the left.

It’s what happens during the right bundle branch block. It’s because these signals will have to go around the block present in the branch. As the ventricles aren’t working simultaneously, it results in arrhythmia, also known as an irregular heartbeat.

Can anxiety cause the right bundle branch block?

Any sort of stress can result in the blockage of any part of the heart. Palpitation, nervousness, sweating, arrhythmia, and anxiety are the critical factors of heart blockage. The right bundle of the branch block is the same.

In addition to anxiety, the right bundle branch block can originate from different underlying heart diseases and chronic lung disorders. It’s because of the additional stress that is on the heart vessels. These things result in permanent damage to the heart.

So now, how to know if you have anxiety or not? The symptoms start with sweating and a pounding heart. Here are some of the general symptoms of anxiety:

Is the right bundle branch block dangerous?

The right bundle branch is usually harmless if it occurs on its own. However, according to the studies, the condition can be more harmful or even fatal if you have a history of heart disease or other complicated cardiovascular issues.

There are many possible causes of this condition, and anxiety is one of them. Failing to reduce stress can cause sustained pressure on the heart because of its overworking. It can also result in the right bundle branch block. It can damage the right bundle branch if it remains blocked for an extended period.

Some other causes of the right bundle branch include myocarditis, Lev’s disease, changes in the structure of branches, and myocardial infarction.

What to do when anxiety hits?

Anxiety can cause chemical and hormonal and chemical changes to spike the heartbeat levels from the average change. Here are the best ways to control your anxiety levels.

Do what you enjoy

The best way to control your anxiety is by doing what you enjoy. You should include the things in your routine that you love doing. It can be your hobby or spending quality time with your loved ones.

Physical exercise

Any sort of physical exercise can help you keep your mind healthy and fresh. As soon as you hit your adrenaline rush will improve your mood.


Meditation calms your anxiousness and reduces restless feelings. Meditation also avoids other health complications like high blood pressure and palpitations, the main reason for heart block.


A good six hours of sleep is essential for healthy and hearty living. Sleep not only maintains your health but also benefits your body. It resets your body to function correctly the following day.


Allopathic treatment, along with psychotherapy, can help in both cases of mental and cardiac health issues. Benzodiazepines aid in the treatment of generalized anxiety disorders. The medicines excellently deal with tachycardia and palpitations.

Balanced diet

A good or bad habit triggers every health issue. In case you are wondering can anxiety cause the right bundle branch block? Yes, it can, and fortunately, you can reduce stress levels with a healthy diet.

You can reset your cardiac health by taking a well-balanced diet. A nutritious diet can also help you maintain a good physique that automatically reduces the risk of anxiety, heart blockage, and heart attacks.

Ignore bad habits

To improve the health of your heart and reduce anxiety levels, quit smoking, drinking, and other drug addiction. Many drinks can result in nerve stimulation. They can produce hyperexcitability in the muscles and trigger conditions like anxiety.


Can stress cause a right bundle branch block?

The studies show a strong link between stress and right bundle branch block, heart failure, and coronary artery disease.

What are the common causes of the right bundle branch block?

The right bundle branch block is the cause of diseases that can affect the myocardial region and the right bundle branch. Its most general causes include structural changes, trauma, myocarditis, infiltrative disorders, and myocardial infarction.

Can anxiety result in heart blockage?

Unfortunately yes. According to the research, anxiety can increase the risk of developing heart disease, heart attack, or stroke. Anxiety combines many mental health disorders, like generalized anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and panic disorders.


Anxiety can cause blockage in both of the bundle branches and can result in a heart attack. The sudden blockage of the heart supply can start slowing down and become fatal for an already health-compromised patient.

With the help of the correct therapy for the management of anxiety and a nutritious diet, you can avoid similar situations.

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